Any person who feels a strong passion to grow Japanese maple trees needs special skills. The trees are some of the most beautiful and spectacular in the entire universe. Their colorful foliage makes the trees to stand out. The trees’ dark twisted branches are a marvel. Any home in Brisbane that has these trees in its garden, backyard or front yard will see its value skyrocket to hitherto unmentionable levels. The small frame gives you an excellent view of its foliage.

Yes, you can

The good news – for those wondering if the trees can grow in Brisbane – is yes, they can. In fact, Japanese maple trees tend to grow well anywhere in Australia. The tree can do well in this part of Australia as long as you do the right thing. For example, your work will not disappear into thin air if you choose the right plant. Not all maple trees are the same. Therefore, take your time selecting the best plant for Brisbane and your property.
Regarding the actual planting, you have two options here. The first is to plant its seeds. This process is straightforward enough. It involves collecting seeds, sowing and growing them. As easy as it is, the main challenge with this process is it might not give you the right type of Japanese maple trees in Brisbane. Trees that grow directly from seeds tend to be more generic. Your garden or yard might be full of a combination of red and green trees, which isn’t great.

Dos and Don’ts

It’s worth remembering these important points while growing Japanese maple trees:

  • the trees don’t do well with too much fertilizer
  • avoid planting the trees in soggy or wet soil
  • keep the trees away from wet feet
  • water the trees without soaking their roots daily
  • plant them on soil that is dry but not bone dry

The best strategy to use, apart from planting the tree purely from a seed, is to graft it once the seed begins sprouting. Grafting is a more popular strategy because it guarantees you an exact clone of the kind of tree you wish to plant. Grafting isn’t hard. Anybody can do it by following the exact instructions. Therefore, choose the kind of plant you wish to see growing in your garden. Buy its seeds, plant and let it grow before grafting to produce exactly what you need.

Not Harmful to Buildings

What is clear and evident here is the fact that Japanese maple trees can grow and do exceptionally well in Brisbane. The fact that they are small makes them ideal for even the smallest lots. Japanese maple trees are not able to grow too big to a point where they threaten the structural integrity of your building. There is no reason or justification for worrying about their roots messing up with the water or sewer pipes too.
So, order some seeds and plant Japanese maple trees in Brisbane. Watch the seeds grow into beautiful plants that improve your property’s value and aesthetic appeal. The trees are capable of providing your home with the much-needed shade, especially during the hot season when sun rays find their way inside and cause plenty of discomfort. Plant the trees at a good angle so they block the rays.

When it comes to your gardening needs in Brisbane, be sure to get in touch with our Brisbane lawn mowing service to find out how we can help.

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