Tending to lawns in Brisbane is not the easiest of tasks due to the harsh weather conditions. Either it is scorching hot and water is in short supply, or it is torrential and damaging rains that end up doing more damage than good. So why is it so important to care for your lawn year-round? The easy answer is to prevent the harsh climate from taking control of your yard. Caring for it now will help save you time and extra work later if your lawn is prepared to take on whatever weather comes its way! The following are some more specific reasons why lawn care is so important to keep up with in Brisbane- as well as some tips on how to care for your lawn more efficiently and effectively in this area.


The Effect of Heat on Your Lawn


With high heat and a beating sun in the Brisbane summer months, it is even easier to accidentally scorch your lawn and leave it dry and withered looking. If you have issues with your grass drying up or turning brown in the summer then you may need to take a few extra preventative steps to keep it lush and green during these times.


Watering can be an issue since there is not much rainfall during this time, and people are expected to conserve water, however, possible. So make sure that you are getting the most from your watering and become strategic about how and when you water your lawn so that less is wasted, and the water you use will be more effective rather than more damaging.


Watering your lawn under certain circumstances can be damaging to the grass is that it will actually make your grass prone to scorching during the warmest/ sunniest times of the day. You would think it needs more water at this time but really, grass needs to be watered when it is cooler, and the sun is low or even down. This will prevent the water from magnifying the sunlight onto the grass blades and burning it. Overnight it will have time to soak in and have a nice protective layer of moisture beneath the grass that will protect it from the midday heat.


Why Is Lawn Care In Brisbane So Important


Mowing your lawn too short will also cause extra issues in harsh climates because when it is cut too far down, the grass is weakened significantly and has a hard time protecting itself from being burnt. The soil also is less shaded so it will dry up faster and not be able to hold onto that nourishing moisture that it needs throughout the day. The grass will dry up when the soil dries up so sometimes it is best to keep your lawn a little longer than you think is necessary since it helps to protect it from the elements. Longer grass is stronger grass!


The Effects of the Rainy Season on Your Lawn


You would think that after the long hot summer months, your lawn would be refreshed and nourished by the torrential rains of the rainy season. Maybe it will do find after the first rain, but as the season goes on, your lawn will become overly wet and have a hard time soaking up all of the rain before it rains again. Over watering becomes an issue at this time but luckily, although there are no ways to prevent the rain or get an umbrella for your yard, there are ways to avoid over-saturating and drowning your yard during this time.


Watering services availables


If you are just designing your yard and have not yet laid the sod down, it is best that you make sure your lawn is the right shape so that it can drain easier. For example, if you have a big bowl or divot in your yard it will fill up like a swimming pool and have nowhere to drain when the rains come. If you can make your yard level or at least provide a path for the water to drain out of your yard, you will be in much better shape to take on the rainy season.


If you already have a yard that has issues with flooding, there are ways to irrigate your lawn and help it to drain easier. Either you could tear up parts and level it out like we mentioned above, or you could install a system that catches the rainwater and disperses it elsewhere. One method for this is to construct French Drains that can be dug like trenches into the soil and pointed in the direction of the street or other parts of the yard that do not flood. A dry well is also a good solution for this problem because it will collect water during times of flooding and then slowly let the water out into the soil over the next few days to prevent your yard from flooding.


The Effects of Critters & Insects on Your Lawn


Brisbane is home to quite a few fun little critters that would love to call your beautiful lawn their home if they get the chance. In fact, the grubs known to this area are known for making their home in nice lawns that are healthy and well cared for. No one is safe from these destructive little guys.


Lawn bug and grub removal services


Although there are no real ways to prevent many of the invasive animals and insects that make their homes or feeding grounds in your yard, there are ways to apprehend them and stop the infestation quickly. This is why attentive lawn care is important- if you do not have time to look after your lawn and inspect it for these critters, you may want to hire an expert to keep track of it for you. They can come to inspect your lawn every few months and make sure all infestation problems are cut off before they can spread too far.



Staying on top of your lawn care in Brisbane is very important since the main issues with lawns here have to do with uncontrollable forces of nature. If you stay on top of your lawn care or hire a lawn care expert to keep track of things for you, your lawn will be able to make it through all of these big issues. If you’d like a second opinion contact our Brisbane lawn team.

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