Whether you’re an Adelaide resident or short-term visitor, you can never get enough of enjoying South Australia’s outdoors. While Adelaide is famous for its cafes and vineyards, it’s also home to some of the best walking trails in the country. If you’re anywhere in or around Adelaide, you won’t be far from some of the state’s most scenic trails.

Below, we’ll be taking a closer look at five outdoor walks in and around Adelaide. It’s time to put on your hiking boots.

1. Aldgate Valley Nature Walk

Just southeast of Adelaide is the Aldgate Valley nature walk. If you’re looking for a scenic walk that includes just under 7 km of walking, it’s hard to find a better option. Walkers will pass through some of the state’s most attractive and untouched greenery.

Nature walking to explore the most attractive and untouched greenery in Adelaide.
To get started, head to Mylor and begin walking a trail that takes you through a variety of nature reserves until you meet Aldgate Valley Nature Reserve. There are plenty of opportunities to observe local birds and wildlife along the way.

And don’t worry, if you’re looking for something to eat during your journey, either side of the path has excellent choices of cafes.

2. Folks on the Hill Walk

This option is North Adelaide’s most exciting walk. You can choose your own path to enjoy on Montefiore Hill, which will allow you to look back at the city in its splendour. If you’re a capable hiker, this walk is an excellent choice during the evening.

3. Three Falls Waterfall Walk

The Three Falls Waterfall Walk sits directly east of Adelaide in Morialta Conservation Park. It includes three separate waterfalls and some of the state’s most wonderful scenery. In total, it will take you just under four hours to complete (at an average pace) — the walk is slightly over 7 km long.

You can start the hike at the carpark within the conservation park. Eventually, you’ll circle back around to finish at the same location.

4. Botanic Garden

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is one of the city’s most prized possessions — it’s been a hotspot with residents for over 150 years. Visitors can explore over 50 hectares of unique plants, wildlife, and well-designed gardens. While there’s no set walking course, you can follow the various paths for hours before you see the whole garden.

5. Adelaide to Henley Beach

Enjoy outdoor walk by the beach in Adelaide.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable city-to-beach walk, starting in the Adelaide CBD and heading to Henley Beach is one of the country’s best options. While there are a variety of paths that you can take, the most common option is via Henley Beach Road. At a reasonable pace, it will take you just over two hours to finish this incredible walk.

Adelaide: More Than Meets the Eye

If you’re ready to try something new in Adelaide, make sure to enjoy one of the scenic walks included on our list. With so many different types of walks to choose from, there’s sure to be something for all outdoor enthusiasts.

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