The Carnival of Flowers is the most prominent garden event in Toowoomba. Last year was the carnival’s 67th anniversary. The fact that the festival takes place in the sixteenth largest city in Australia has also helped in attracting thousands of visitors each year to come and experience it. The carnival has attracted millions of visitors over the years. Some of its biggest attractions include the following:

  • freshly mowed lawns
  • colorful flowers
  • manicured gardens
  • decorative parade floats
  • Picturesque

The huge crowds forming along the streets where the carnival passes often takes photos using any gadget they can find. Old school cameras, state-of-the-art cameras, tablets and smartphones are the most commonly used for taking photos. The fact that there is a lot to capture on camera makes the whole task quite enjoyable. The attendees cannot allow this chance to pass by without capturing unique moments to help them plant beautiful gardens back at home.

Attracts Visitors

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers has grown into an event that attracts visitors from not only Australia, but also all over the world. This is remarkable for an event that has been taking place since commencing in 1949. In fact, so popular is the event that Australians all over the country and beyond consider it one of the best. It’s the work of Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Essex Tait.

Celebration of a Culture of Gardening

Initially, the Carnival was created to give the city residents a chance to celebrate their reputation as a Garden City. The goal was to promote and encouraged better economic activities. The founders believed the carnival could help the residents of Toowoomba to overcome the hardships that recent wars had left behind. Looking at the Carnival today, there is no doubt that it has been a massive success and achieved all the goals for which it was established.

A three-mile street procession was one of the highlights of the carnival that took place on October 21, 1950. From 1950 onwards, the carnival has taken pride of place as one of the most famous annual events in the city and around the country too. Its appeal has widened with the passage of time. More visitors flock into the city to participate in the event, learn more about the new gardening trends, and capture memorable moments to share with loved ones back at home.

Award Winning Carnival

Over the years, the carnival has won several awards. The awards have helped to enshrine the event as one of Australia’s cultural landmarks. The Toowoomba Carnival defines who the Australians are as a people. It gives them a mouthpiece through which to talk and share their deeply held values. Today, its status is that of the Major Events, which it received courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland.

If you have not attended the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, now would be a good time to make plans. Attending the event, especially for those who are neither Australians nor ever been to the country, will elicit a better understanding of the local culture. Each edition of the carnival is bigger than the previous one. Make plans to be one of the guests at this year’s edition to learn more about why gardening is important to the people of Toowoomba.
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