How To Maintain Your Lawn In Adelaide

The idyllic sultry days of an Adelaide summer can mean a challenge for any enthusiastic gardener. Lush green lawns can turn patchy brown and thirsty in the blink of an eye. Heat waves, low humidity, and high winds can all whisk away freshness and leave your lawn looking a bit worn out. We can’t change the weather, and why would we want to? We are mowing service Adelaide experts that can give your lawn a helping hand to get it through those hot summer months.

Make Friends With The Mower

Regular mowing will chop off dry ends and encourage new growth during the summer months. Once a fortnight is considered best practice for optimum lawn health in the Adelaide climate. Try not to cut too short, though, as this can be counter-productive and cause damage.

Feed Your Lawn

Not surprisingly, optimum nourishment will help your lawn to flourish and remain healthy in any climate. Most fertilisers work best if applied directly after mowing as the freshly cut ends tend to absorb nutrients quickly. Instructions may vary between brands, though, so always read the packaging for instructions specific to each product.

Just Add Water

It’s no secret that watering your lawn is crucial during the summer months. Watering it at the right time of day is the secret to optimum health. Early morning irrigation, while it’s still relatively cool and shaded, allows the grass to absorb plenty of moisture before maximum sun strike. If you don’t have an irrigation system set up, take the opportunity to wake up and enjoy a bit of peaceful dawn gardening by watering your lawn by hand. While watering in the cooler evening air can also increase moisture absorption, excess moisture can linger on the grass overnight rather than being burnt by the sun and result in fungal growth.

Weed Out Those Weeds

While everybody wants a green lawn, we prefer the green not to come from moss or weeds. Aside from being unsightly, excessive weed or moss growth can steal valuable nutrients from the soil, leaving your lawn hungry. Spot-treat small weed patches with a weed killer and monitor regularly for patchiness or bald areas. Patchiness may indicate the presence of black beetles or chafer grubs. You can treat these insects easily enough if you catch them early.

New Lawn Care

If you just laid your lawn, it will need extensive amounts of watering in the summer months to bed down and establish a healthy growth pattern. It is absolutely essential in dry or hot spells to water your new lawn several times a week. Keep in mind that inadequately light watering can cause damage as roots come to the surface. Drenching your lawn regularly when it’s brand new will help to establish a green and lush grassy area.

Looking after a summer lawn needn’t be a headache. With just a little bit of TLC and plenty of water, you can keep that peaceful green patch of paradise in top shape for barbeques and summer entertaining.

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