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Is your search for the most Insta-worthy plant shop an ongoing journey? Our gardening specialists have compiled the best nurseries in Adelaide, and we’re spilling the beans just for you.

When regular plant stores just won’t do, step up your gardening game and give these places a visit:



Barrow and Bench Mitre 10


Barrow and Bench Mitre 10


Thinking of sprucing up your garden with topiaries and espaliered citrus plants? Barrow and Bench’s Garden Centre has these and more! This oasis on Unley Road is a hub for specialty plants, fruit trees, succulents, indoor and hedging plants, and other gardening must-haves. Explore their beautiful collection of Rod Manning sculptures for yard art you can bring home. 

Plant enthusiasts also flock to Barrow and Bench for plant care products. Go gaga over their selection of mulches, potting mixes, fertilisers, planters, and Vegepods. Dare we say, hoarding is a likely possibility when you’re here. Got a sick plant baby you’re nursing back to health? No problem. Barrow and Bench’s team of qualified horticulturists will be more than happy to give you plant care advice and suitable pest and disease control products. 

Barrow and Bench’s Address: 321 Unley Road, Malvern, SA 5061



Emma Sadie Thomson


Emma Sadie Thompson


Emma Sadie Thomson’s plants and plant care products are so compelling, you’ll be tempted to turn your gardening hobby into a full-blown obsession. Gorgeous Prayer Plants, Philodendron Selloum, Rhapis Palm, and Ficus Alii are just some of the striking flora awaiting you. Excited for your green project yet?

Give your garden or courtyard the expert treatment and book E-S-T for their landscape design or plant styling service. Their team of stylists offers design consultations, site visits, and sourcing of plants and pots among their range of services. Whether you’re into beautifying your outdoor space or sprucing up your interiors, you can be sure the end result is perfectly styled. 

Emma Sadie Thomson’s Address: 176 Piccadilly Rd, Piccadilly SA 5151



Exotic Botanic


Exotic Botanic


Hard-to-find indoor plants and pots are not a problem when you have Exotic Botanic’s founders, Laura and Steven, sourcing them for you. This plant-loving duo is as smitten with foliage as the next green enthusiast out there. Think plant varieties by the hundreds – that’s how well-stocked their inventory is.

You’ll see a lot of hanging plants, totems and succulents here, together with plant containers, gardening tools, and plant care products. Mix and match your favourite Ficus variety with any pot from Exotic Botanic’s impressive local and international assortment. Doesn’t matter if you’re going minimalist or fancy – you can be sure your potted plant will look uniquely your own.

Exotic Botanic’s Address: 4/865 Northeast Road, Modbury, SA 5092



Foliage Plant Studio


Foliage Plant Studio


Foliage Plant Studio is the place to go to when you need to make a bold statement. Nothing here is average, that’s for sure. Decorate your living space with their insanely massive indoor plants. We’re talking about supersized Strelitzia, Ficus, Calathea, and Fiddle Leaf Figs, to name a few. These showstoppers will steal the scene with their extra lush foliage and irresistible vibrant green colour.

Don’t get us started on how huge the leaves are of the Peace Lilies they’re selling (they are literally larger than the size of a human head). They’re excellent for brightening up lackluster interiors and equally effective when you have kids playing hide-and-seek. Pair a plant or two with one of their basket planters and you have a winning combination in your hands. For smaller zen-seeking spaces, go for Foliage Plant Studio’s decorative terrariums, or bioscapes. These tiny glass-enclosed ecosystems are just what your desk needs for a WFH look that wows. 

Foliage Plant Studio’s Address: 237 Grange Road, Findon, SA 5023



Garden Grove


Garden Grove


Take a break from the usual humdrum and pay Garden Grove a visit. There’s magic waiting to happen here. Enter Garden Grove empty-handed and you’ll find yourself leaving with plants, pots, tools, outdoor furniture, and a whole lot of plant accessories. These guys have everything you need to build your own garden.

It’s no secret that Garden Grove is the go-to for plant parents looking to expand or switch up their indoor or outdoor plant collection. Loyal patrons also love coming here for their friendly hospitality. This family-owned store also has a cafe and has an enclosed playground for the kids. Swing by Garden Grove for a great family experience – it’s a treat everyone will love.

Garden Grove’s Address: 1150 Golden Grove Road, Golden Grove, SA 5125



Green Leaved Garden



For no-frills plant shopping, go to Green Leaved Garden. Founded by Emma Pelle, horticulture student and plant lover extraordinaire, GLG will bring out the plant fanatic in you. Browse through Green Leaved Garden’s lovely indoor plants, eye-popping cacti and succulents, and plant care products and accessories. The list is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate! 

Become a GLG Plant Addict and you’ll get a membership to their VIP Club, plus a 10% discount on all plants. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask us! You won’t even have to worry about repotting the heaps of plants you collected, either. For a minimal fee, Green Leaved Garden’s team will take care of that for you. Take them up on their plant consultations and gardening services as well – you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Check out Green Leaved Garden’s Facebook page for updates on their locations and market dates.



Jungle in Willunga


Jungle in Willunga


What do a tropical plant nursery and a 30-year-old jungle garden have in common? They’re both found at the Jungle in Willunga! Formerly Fern Forest Nursery, this plant store is a real gem for sourcing tropical plants, palms, bamboo, and yes – planters filled with 3 lettuces of your choice.

Step into this plant playground and you’ll find yourself transported to another world. These guys are all about the untamed outdoor experience. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy their bamboo jungle scenery or pet their life-size giraffes, pandas or chimpanzees (don’t worry, these toy animals don’t bite). And if that’s not mind-blowing enough, they also have a Fairy Fern Garden you can visit for a dose of whimsy. Or, just spend the day having a chat with one of their friendly staff. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about transforming your garden using bamboo. Better get ready, it’s going to be a wild ride.

Jungle in Willunga’s Address: 175 Main Road, Willunga, SA 5172



Klemzig Garden Centre


Klemzig Garden Centre


A love affair with plants starts at Klemzig Garden Centre. Their passion for all things green is irresistible. Imagine coming over to your plant-loving best friend’s home – that’s exactly how it feels the minute you step in. You’ll get expert advice on how to care for your garden (as well as a few anecdotes here and there), and have the chance to take home some eye-catching botanicals.

Be enchanted by their charming pots or yard decor, or gaze at their captivating selection of indoor and outdoor plants. Klemzig Garden Centre is filled to the brim with succulents, flowering shrubs, fruit and citrus trees, herbs, and plant accessories. When your plant collection is starting to look uninspired, a little imagination and a quick trip to this plant shop is all you need. 

Klemzig Garden Centre’s Address: 32 OG Road, Klemzig, SA



Potted Thoughts



There are regular plant stores, and then there is Potted Thoughts. Owned by horticulturist Sharon Starr, Potted Thoughts is well-loved among its clients for its mindful approach to plant styling. Sharon will not only give you advice on what plants will look good in your home, but she’ll also make sure that the greens are suitable for your living conditions.

Potted Thoughts is passionate about uplifting spaces (and their owners!) through beautiful foliage. Make your interiors dazzle by pairing pots and plant accessories with your chosen fern or palm. Add in a scented soy wax candle or two to complete your indoor botanical sanctuary. For an expertly designed room, drop the DIY altogether and take advantage of Potted Thoughts’ plant styling service. You’ll be sure to receive glowing compliments from family and friends when they see the outcome.

Potted Thoughts’ Two Locations:

  • Plant 3, 6-14 Fourth Street, Bowden
  • 11 Seventh Ave., Cheltenham, SA 5014







How about one more plant to add to your collection? At Stonecrop, you’ll definitely be giving in to your inner plant shopaholic. Have a wander around and you’ll be greeted with gorgeous fiddle leaf figs and other indoor plants, baskets, candles, and plant accessories. Their charming store is just what the doctor ordered for some mood boosting.

When you’re done soaking in the fun hipster vibe, scan Stonecrop’s collection and pick your plant baby of choice. Easy peasy. Maybe it’s the relaxed setup of the greenery, or the red brick wall, or even the beaming smiles of its customers – whatever the reason is, you’ll love to get lost here.

Stonecrop’s Two Locations:

  • 396 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park, SA 5041
  • 36 Richmond Street, Hackney 5069






There’s a whole lot of plant love going on when you browse around STUBBYTUBBY’s store. Just take a look at their stellar portfolio to see what makes their store compelling. They literally have all cacti and succulents from plants A-Z. 

Ever seen a Purple People Eater or a Haworthia Truncata? Trust us, they look more animal than plant and are VERY fascinating, indeed. You’ll be encountering these and other cacti and houseplants when you visit STUBBYTUBBY. But don’t end your nature adventure just yet – their Succulent Nursery is a wonder to behold. With countless drought-loving plant babies in their catalogue, your search for the ultimate desk decor ends here.

STUBBYTUBBY’s Address: 19 Denial Ave, Seaview Downs Adelaide, SA 5049



The Conservatory Garden and Home



The Conservatory Garden and Home is the place to visit for lush greenery, classic planters & pots, and ornate topiaries. Update your interior and outdoor spaces with plants lovingly handpicked by The Conservatory team. Creating your own urban jungle at home is simple when you shop here.

No worries if you’re new to the gardening scene. Let Greg and the rest of his gardening team show you around – they’ll be more than willing to give you expert plant care advice. You’ll always find the perfect gift to give for your special someone. 

The Conservatory Garden and Home’s Address: 80 Unley Road, Unley, SA



The Garden Depot


The Garden Depot


Go green with ease with the help of The Garden Depot. This one-stop shop for native and exotic plants, pots, and tools has what you need to garden like a pro. Make your outdoor space bloom with their brightly coloured Dahlias, Hybrid Tea roses, and other flowering plants. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably go ahead and get everything. It’s hard to pick just one! 

Check out The Garden Depot for fruit trees as well. Apple, nectarine, fig, and cherry trees (among many others) are in abundance here. Bring home one of their fruit trees and turn your yard into a fruit-bearing orchard. Or, you can go to The Garden Depot with a blank canvas in mind and have their design team whip up a landscape plan for you. Don’t be surprised if one gardening dream leads to another, though. There’s so much plant inspiration to draw from when you see the gorgeous plants these guys offer.

The Garden Depot’s Address: 14 Secker Road, Mount Barker, SA 5251


Photo Credits: Klemzig Garden Centre Facebook page, Potted Thoughts Facebook page, Exotic Botanic Facebook page, The Conservatory Garden and Home Facebook page