You may be wondering why your friends keep asking you to live in Toowoomba. Probably, you have never given this idea much thought because you don’t just fancy the location. One of the factors to consider before relocating is the housing. After all, you need a good home to live in whether you’re alone or with your family. With an urban population estimated to be around 114,700 the city isn’t as congested as others.

Education and Religion

The city has a university and a cathedral to cater for your academic and religious needs. Toowoomba is a busy city. It’s a city that is always on the move. It has plenty of outdoor activities to take part in if you grow tired of the indoors. For example, it hosts numerous motocross and mountain biking events. The world famous Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers also takes place here every year in September.


For recreation, you can spend time at any of the city’s 150 public parks. The gardens too are worth visiting when you need to clear your mind a bit. Over the years, Toowoomba has emerged one of regional centers for business. Government services also rely on the city as the base of their operations. The city is the sixth largest in Queensland after some very impressive candidates such as Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, and Sunshine Coast.

Ideal Altitude

Toowoomba ranks as the sixteenth largest city in the country. Countrywide, it’s the island with the biggest population. Since it’s not too far from the Great Dividing Range you’re assured excellent, panoramic view. It stands about 700 meters, which is the equivalent of 2,300ft, above sea level. Furthermore, the city has several suburbs thus giving you plenty of choices. The warm temperate climate coupled with mild winters and equally mild summer is great news.

Historical Architecture

The buildings dotting the city are part of its history. All, or most, of the buildings you see here preserve the city’s history very well. Its architecture is also part of its heritage. The city had a wealthy beginning, which is evident in its architecture. The Australian Defense Force (ADF) has an active presence locally. Members of the ADF are at the well-respected Oakey Army Aviation Center. Economically, it thrives courtesy of the following:

  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Developing energy resources
  • Food processing

Regarding education, Toowoomba is recognized as one of Australia’s major education centers. It has several primary and secondary schools. Tertiary education is also available to those who need it. Culturally, the city’s reputation as the host of the globally acclaimed Carnival of Flowers that takes place once a year in September has also made it attractive to new residents. The selection of top eateries, cafes and restaurants ensure that you have enough options to eat from.

Therefore, do not hesitate to move and settle into Toowoomba. This Australian city has everything you need for comfortable living. It’s not dead economically; hence, you can find work. Your kids also have access to some of the best schools. The climate is good enough to reside here alone or with your loved ones. There are many sports and outdoor activities to take part in and avoid boredom.
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