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How Houses in Brisbane Have the Best Kept Lawns?

by | Apr 29, 2017 | Queensland

Brisbane, Australia has the most beautiful lawns throughout Australia. When it comes to lawn care, the residences of Brisbane take it very seriously. The residences believe that a beautiful lawn adds value to one’s home. A beautiful lawn lets the neighbours know that one takes lawn care seriously.


Some tips to consider if you want to have the best-kept lawn in Brisbane, Australia:


Avoid destroying your lawn while mowing.


Never cut your grass too short while mowing. Different grass types will not grow properly if cut too short. If you leave a little length to your grass, it is less likely to grow weeds. Must ensure that the blades to the lawn mower are sharp to give the grass a nice clean cut. This will ensure that your grass does not turn brown and become motley.


Always feed and provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to look beautiful and green.


You should water your lawn at least three times a week. Also, it is good to fertilise your grass at least four times a month. If you fertilise your grass regularly, the grass will look beautiful, green, and have a healthy shine to it. The best fertiliser to use for your grass is one that contains some kind of animal manure like chicken or cattle.


How to deal with water overflow onto the lawn?


Brisbane, Australia is known for its major downpours that can have a bad effect on your lawn. The best method to combat this problem is to have a system of lawn aeration and coring. The concept of lawn aeration and coring ensures that the overflow of water is soaked up by the lawn below its roots. Another good technique to deal with overflowing of the lawn is to avoid parking heavy vehicles on the lawn (car or boat).


Which Houses in Brisbane Have the Best Kept Lawns?


How to handle weeds and insects destroying your lawn?


It is always good to have a professional lawn care provider come out and give your lawn a yearly check-up. Like any other living organism, your lawn needs to be checked for possible issues like weeds and pesky insects. A professional lawn care provider will give you the best techniques and formulas to use to combat such issues. The professional lawn care provider can detect issues with your lawn that no one else to can detect with the naked eye. They will use the best tools and safe chemicals to get rid of issues regarding your grass.


If necessary, may have to replace sickly grass with fresh new grass.


Sometimes it is just best to plant new grass because may not be able to save your old lawn. It may cost too much money to repair and care for the diseased lawn. At times, it is good to invest a better brand of turf grass that will not be destroyed by pesky insects or weeds. It is always good to seek the assistance of a professional lawn care provider when buying new grass turf.


Turf repair services available


How to choose the best turf for your lawn?


The best way to determine the best turf for your lawn is to have a good understanding of the weather patterns in your Brisbane community. Each community in Brisbane, Australia has different weather patterns. For instance, some areas of Brisbane may get more sun and less rain. Whereas, other Brisbane areas may get more rain and less sun. It is best to speak with a professional lawn care provider to determine the best turf to use for your lawn.


The top five turf grasses that are popular in Brisbane communities.


  1. Sapphire Buffalo Turf Grass.


This particular grass has a fine texture and does not have an itchy feel to it. It grows beautifully in any type of environment and is easy to maintain. This type of grass will keep its green colour during the winter months due to its deep roots.


  1. Empire Zoysia Turf Grass.


This type of grass is easy to look after and does not require a lot of maintenance. The Empire Zoysia grass does well in very hot and humid places. It does not require a lot of watering. The roots of the grass are very deep with the ability to store water for many days. This turf grass is able to beat the weeds at their own game.


  1. Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass.


This blend of turf grass is very tough and durable. The Palmetto Buffalo Turf is able to ensure that weeds do not appear on the lawn. This is the most popular turf used by Australians because it does not need watering or mowing much.


  1. Wintergreen Couch Turf Grass.


This particular turf grass is very popular among Brisbane communities because of:


  1. being inexpensive.
  2. great wear capabilities.
  3. great tolerance in drought conditions.
  4. easy to take care of without much effort.


  1. Nara Native Zoysia Turf Grass.


This grass is native to Australia and very popular in Brisbane communities. This particular turf grass can grow in any type of weather from extreme heat to extreme cold. It will maintain its beautiful green colour no matter the weather conditions. It does not need to be watered on a regular basis and good at combatting weeds.


Gardern gloves


With the proper lawn care maintenance, you can have one of the best lawns in any Brisbane community. It requires you to do your research when selecting the best turf grass for your lawn. It is good to consider the following when selecting a good turf grass for one’s lawn:


  • Local weather conditions.
  • How much maintenance is needed to care for the grass?
  • How much water does the grass need regularly?
  • The price of the grass and installation costs.
  • How to deal with issues like weeds and insects?


It is always good to get a professional opinion from a Brisbane lawn mowing expert before buying any turf grass for your lawn. A professional can tell you the pros and cons of the particular turf grass that you are considering buying. Ensure to do your research before buying any type of turf grass to add to your lawn.

About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


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