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Best lawns in Brisbane plus a whole lot of sun, sand, and sea

As always, we’re thrilled to bring you one of our featured articles, and this year we’re heading to the Sunshine State. Just between you and me, I’m particularly excited about this one.

Because, why not?

About time we talk about the beautiful homes in sun-drenched Brisbane. You guys have been requesting that we do a feature on houses with the best lawns in Brisbane, and we couldn’t agree more. How can we not, when Brisbane is just oozing with the most gorgeous beaches, the loveliest weather, and the friendliest people.

Stunning by day, even more magical at night.

With everything amazing going on for this community, you can’t help but have homes that are equally captivating and endearing.

So here it is – our list of the 4 best lawns in Brisbane with sun, sand, and sea (plus a whole LOT of nature) all the way. No need to twist my arm because Brisbane, it is.

Top 4 homes with the best lawns in Brisbane

1. 90 Virginia Avenue, Hawthorne

exterior front view of a house including a walkway and a wide lawn

This one takes the cake for the #1 spot in our list of best lawns in Brisbane. One look at 90 Virginia Avenue’s sprawling lawn and you’ll know it’s grand! With neatly trimmed hedges and lush foliage, you’ll think that you’re entering Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. You can just imagine how lovely this lawn would be at night draped with faint fairy lights and candles.

Whether you follow the brick pathway leading to the house or enter the archway that leads to the lawn, your destination won’t disappoint. This is the stuff that fairy tales are made of. A lawn like this would make an ideal venue for a romantic garden wedding or a backdrop for those dreamy photos you see on Pinterest. If you’re looking for a classic look that inspires timeless stories, this home’s lawn is a keeper.

2. 41 Riverview Place, Yeronga

a modern house with a two level frontyard

Close your eyes and imagine a garden sanctuary filled with lush greenery and dotted with small private spots for reflection or hushed conversation. Take a tour of 41 Riverview Place’s Asian-inspired outdoor space and you’ll find exactly that.

These guys went all the way to create a tranquil vibe of yin and yang in the place. Can’t say that they were shy about embracing the whole theme of bringing the four elements together when it came to their lawn, either. With a view of the river and beautiful representations of earth, fire, wind, and water scattered around the lawn area, it is a relaxing escape that brings Brisbane’s outdoors in.


3. 33B Harbour Road, Hamilton

a large modern house with a wide green lawn

One word: impeccable.

If you think 33B Harbour Road’s interiors are stunning, wait ‘til you check out this home’s lawn. Dare I say, it’s oddly satisfying just looking at it.

You’ll be treated to a pristine razor-sharp lawn that’s fronting a gorgeous view of the river. The stunning patch of green is expertly maintained with nary a messy weed in sight. It’s the perfect setting for casual dinner parties, a Sunday barbecue, or just a lazy glamping weekend at home with family and friends.

While most lawns get their appeal from having other plants and decor built around them, that’s not the case with this one. Think exquisitely marbled, medium-rare juicy steak with a thick salty crust. You wouldn’t want to put anything on this beauty, would you? The lawn exists perfectly and should be appreciated on its own, thank you very much.


4. 70 Joseph Street, Camp Hill

exterior view of a house including a fenced frontyard

Cosy, inviting, and luxurious are words that come to mind when you see Anne-Maree Russell’s reinvention of the Queenslander at 70 Joseph Street. Following the Swedish lagom philosophy of ‘not too much, not too little’, this house brings the charm of the Queenslander style forward and gives it a current look.

The Nordic inspiration for the house’s interiors carries throughout the outdoor space’s design. Sprawling and at the same time intimate, this home has a well-maintained lawn with beautifully sectioned white flower beds, trimmed hedges, and greenery neatly punctuating the area. There’s something about the green grass contrasting beautifully with the white picket fence and nautical blue of the house that just pulls you in and makes you want to stay a little bit longer in this home.

Tips to Make Your Lawn One Of The Best In Brisbane

Can’t wait to give your lawn a face lift after reading this? Here are some tips from lawn experts to help you get started.

Lush green backyard with a tennis court

Cut tall.

The best lawns always have lush, green grass. To achieve this, make sure to cut your grass tall instead of too short.

Water well.

Water your lawn well to make sure the roots of the grass drink in sufficient water. It is advisable to water deeply at less frequent intervals instead of watering lightly at more frequent intervals.

Feed your grass.

Using fertilizer, especially one made with animal manure, will give your lawn much-needed nutrients. Do this four times a month and see the grass turn into the vibrant, healthy green you’ve always wanted.

Know your weather.

Understanding the weather patterns in your area will help you pick the most suitable grass for your lawn. The most popular turf grass used in Brisbane are sapphire buffalo turf grass, empire zoysia turf grass, palmetto buffalo turf grass, wintergreen couch turf grass, and nara native zoysia turf grass.

Consult with a trusted lawn care professional (that’s us!)

We hear you, and we’re beyond thrilled that your lawn’s health is very important to you! Like a firm handshake, a well-maintained lawn leaves a good impression on your guests. If you’re putting your property up for sale, it adds to your property’s value and can often affect a buyer’s decision to purchase or not.

Consulting with your go-to lawn care professional ensures that your lawn is properly assessed and taken care of. Like any good doctor, your lawn care professional will check for issues you may have missed such as insects and weeds that are causing your lawn to become sickly. They may also recommend an annual check-up to help you keep track of your lawn’s health and address any problems that need to be treated.

At, we’re a friendly bunch of lawn-loving people who just want to see green, healthy lawns all around Brisbane, and we do this by sharing what we know to the community, one happy client at a time. Can’t wait to go green? Give us a call and we’d be glad to help!

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About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.