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 Select your lawn mowing Sunshine Coast service: your lawns size, the day you would like, what you want done, and how often using our simple, professional online booking form.

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Rescheduling, adding a note to your service, or getting in touch is just a tap, click or text away. It’s the easiest way to handle garden care in all areas of the Sunshine Coast!

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An experienced, fully-equipped team of Sunshine Coast lawn care and garden care professionals will be there on your selected day – to get your garden looking green and healthy!

The Most Reliable Mowing Services In The Sunshine Coast


We pride ourselves on providing the most convenient, number one lawn mowing and gardening services in Sunshine Coast. Our quality professionals are able to look after your garden service and do the mowing of your lawn all year round. In addition to bringing the number one lawn mowing service, our team is qualified to assist with other jobs including rubbish removal (cleaning green waste from hedging and clippings from mowing lawns), garden care, gutter cleaning, and landscaping in all areas of the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

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Professional lawn mowing Sunshine Coast, gardening services, hedge trimming, gutter cleaning, garden maintenance, green rubbish removal, cleaning of the yard – whatever your needs; we have you covered! With multiple teams we can almost always find a spot for you on short notice and get your lawn and garden care green and healthy. Add in our upfront, flat rate pricing – meaning you don’t have to worry about your quote constantly changing and can free up time – then tack on our full-time customer support team available via text, call or email – and you have quality, professional service in all areas of the Sunshine Coast, QLD. 

What Services Can We Offer?

We know time is short, life is busy in Australia, and customers need to get their lawns mowed and garden care done. Choose from any of our quality professional lawn mowing and gardening services to be able to simply and easily keep up with your lawn and garden maintenance. Unsure what gardening services, lawn mowing, or additional service you need done? We can help! Furthermore, do you have a special request relating to your lawn mowing services, garden care, landscaping, hedging, or green rubbish removal on your property? Save time by giving us a call. Let us know what we should take a look at while we are completing our garden care and lawn mowing services and we will quote you on any potential service that could be done in other areas of the garden.

Regular Service

  • All standard bookings mean you get your lawns mowed.
  • We will whipper snipper the edges of your lawn.
  • Overgrown? Add it as an extra to your quote!
  • Need additional weed control maintenance services? We can help! Give us a call and add this in!

Hedge Trimming

  • Able to do hedges up to 3m in height.
  • Your quote will provide simple pricing based on height and number of hedges.
  • Experienced, quality professionals means you get hedge cuts and pruning based on species and needs.
  • We can help with garden maintenance services and can take away the green lawn clippings as well- simply call and add this request to your quote.

Weed Treatment

  • Know what weeds you have? Call and let us know so we can help buy the right product or bring the right equipment to handle the weeding.
  • Not sure what has your lawn struggling? We can identify the issue and complete weed spraying and general weeding maintenance.

Additional Options

  1. Lawn Aeration
  2. Mulching
  3. Lawn Care
  4. Garden Care
  5. Gutter Cleaning
  6. Acreage Lawn Care
  7. Property Maintenance
  8. Top Dressing Your Lawn
  9. Green Waste & Lawn Clippings Removal
  10. Pruning & Maintenance Of Weeds, Trees, Plants and Shrubs
  11. Receive a Quote & Pricing For Quality Custom Garden Maintenance
  12. If you have something else, give us a call and let’s chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Get My Mowing Done?

We make use of flat-rate pricing, which means instead of us trying to guess how many hours the lawn mowing Sunshine Coast and garden care will take – you simply tell us what needs doing and we’ll provide a flat rate quote. This allows you to trust that we will cover every service required, as we are not limited by time. In addition to your lawn and garden care, if you would like our team to attend to other items – like lawn mowing on steep inclines, pruning, and specialised garden maintenance – please feel free to either make a note when booking online or when speaking to one of our friendly team so that it can be added to your quote.

What Is Included In A Standard Booking?

That is your choice! offers Sunshine Coast services in numerous areas other than our general lawn and garden care services. This can include things such as rubbish removal of green waste, gutter cleaning, and specialised garden care. A regular booking is a mowing of your yard and then edging with a whipper snipper.

How Do I Schedule A Booking?

You can easily schedule and pay for your Sunshine Coast lawn mowing and garden service over the phone 1800 952 423 with our friendly team, or online via our booking form. You can save time and even book from your mobile or tablet on our website. It takes less than 60 seconds to book your garden care online, leaving you with more free time to enjoy other areas of your life!

Do I Have To Be Home When The Team Is There?

Not at all. If we require keyed gate access, you can just leave us a key to gain entry to your lawn and garden, and we will take it from there. You can leave a key under the mat, in the mailbox or lockbox – whatever is most convenient for you. Make the most of your free time while we take care of the lawn mowing and garden for you.

What If I Am Not Happy?

After your Sunshine Coast lawn service is complete, you will receive an email asking you to rate your lawn and garden care booking and provide comments. In the unfortunate circumstance that something has not worked out as you expected, please let us know. We stand by our work! If you are unhappy with your booking, we’ll return to make it right. Still not happy? We’ll refund the service.

I Have Questions, Who Can I Talk To Before I Start?

If you have questions about any areas of our Sunshine Coast lawn mowing service or garden care, please call us: 1800 952 423. Alternatively, email us at [email protected]

How Does The Pricing Of Compare?

Our Sunshine Coast clients value our decades of experience and this is reflected both through the feedback we receive in our internal rating system and through the 100+ reviews our lawn services have received online.

Whilst you could find another company with less expensive lawn mowing prices, we believe the attention to detail and professional service you receive from means you are getting the number one value for your lawn and garden. When you deal with, you are getting peace of mind, free time for yourself, and a more convenient life for you and your family.


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