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Need to spruce up your apartment? Want to add a touch of colour to your house? Feeling a little low, and looking for a pick-me-up? There’s one green solution for all of that — a new plant.

There are many benefits to plant parenthood, from indoor decor to health and wellness. Indoor plants create a pleasant atmosphere around your home, while outdoor ornamentals give you something to show off to anyone passing by. And maintaining them is more straightforward than people think, even for those of us with brown thumbs. (Of course, you could always just get a professional gardening service to help with that!)

If you’re looking to get planting, or just need another succulent to add to your collection (no judgment here), here’s a rundown of the best nurseries in Brisbane to shop at. And if you love green as much as we do, you’ll love any of these options — and the new plant babies you can buy from them!



Fish and friends: Mappins Nursery & Aquarium



What’s more unique than a nursery and aquarium in one? Mappins Nursery and Aquarium has everything a plant parent needs. Shop for new hanging plants for an indoor vertical garden. Get into the terrarium scene with ready-made miniature gardens in multiple sizes. Or start a water garden with their selection of aquatic plants, and the fish to accompany them!

Beyond their plant options, Mappins also hosts workshops for plant care and creative garden options! Learn all about terrariums and garden styles from their affiliated professionals. And then head to their shop to put your new knowledge into practice — any excuse for a new plant.



Local standout: Oxley Nursery



Step into a plant-lover’s paradise at Oxley Nursery. This expansive centre has a broad — and we mean broad — range of plants for you to browse to your heart’s content. (Seriously. Even just browsing this nursery is a delight.) With over 20 years of experience in growing and caring for plants, this is your one-stop shop for everything a plant parent needs. Bonsai, palms, edibles, succulents, heliconias, trees — even the rare and exotic — Oxley Nursery has it all.

Better yet, they also offer garden consultations on everything from plant selection to garden planning! Sit down with their staff and let them create your own oasis — and get a discount for those plants after.



Something borrowed and new: The Borrowed Nursery



Need a plant or two for hire? The Borrowed Nursery has you covered! Get plants to work for you instead and ‘hire’ some plants for events and exhibits, or rent out one of the nursery’s venues to use instead. Availability varies, but they have a wide and dynamic range for all themes and seasons — all in their signature, classy white pots.

Of course, if you want one of their plants on a permanent basis, just drop by their shop and pick out your favourites. You can also treat yourself to one of their Botanica Boxes, packed full of local goodies for you to enjoy. Their Base Edition boxes contain one plant and either gin or tea, with options to upgrade. Or grab one of the special editions for something more indulgent!



To go grow: The Grow Centre



“Greenify your home”, as the Grow Centre says. Shop a selection of quality indoor plants, perfect for displaying in pots on your floor or for adding to your hanging garden. This is an especially good option for those of you living in city centre apartments, since no one said you can’t have a display garden indoors!

With 50 years of industry experience, The Grow Centre is a great place to grow your indoor plant collection. They even have a special care guide for your indoor friends — perfect for those of us whose thumbs are less green than our plants!



For your green collection: All The Green Things



Head to All The Green Things for, well… all the green things! Their specialties are indoor, balcony, and courtyard plants, but they also have a selection for terrariums, kokedama, and macrame. 

With the belief that plants are essential for urban living spaces, and that anyone can grow plants, All The Green Things has a leafy friend for everyone, new and experienced alike. Their team is full of plant passion, and provides all manner of services, from plant growing tips to pest control.

With a wide range of creative workshops encouraging well-being and community including DIY Kokedama, Green Thumb 101, Terrarium building and more, All The Green Things has something for both the new plant parent and the experienced green thumb alike.



For your big plant love: Little Leaf Decor



Build your own cute and quirky tropical paradise with Little Leaf Decor’s selection of unique plants and plantware! With the mantra that plants make people happy (and they do!), this nursery has a mission to provide not-so-little delights to everyone who comes through their doors. 

Their store opened in 2018 and has only grown (ahem) alongside their product range. They now carry an extensive selection of all things leafy and decorative, from plants to pots to boutique furniture. Best of all, many of their items are handmade by local artists, so you’ll be supporting the community when you shop, too. 

Besides plant products, Little Leaf Decor also offers plant design services, and you can even have pots hand painted or repainted to suit your aesthetic. Or you can go further and try out their interior design service for cute plants and cute furniture to match!


Photo credits: Mappins Nursery & Aquarium Facebook page, Oxley Nursery Facebook page, The Borrowed Nursery Facebook page, The Grow Centre Facebook page, All The Green Things Facebook page, Little Leaf Decor Facebook page

About Author

Lauren Schwartz

Originally from the US, Lauren loves the outdoor lifestyle she gets to have living in Australia. She enjoys working for a family owned business, helping to provide garden and lawn care for Australians all around the country.


About Author

Lauren Schwartz

Originally from the US, Lauren loves the outdoor lifestyle she gets to have living in Australia. She enjoys working for a family owned business, helping to provide garden and lawn care for Australians all around the country.