Theme parks are not for kids alone. Gold Coast has some impressive theme parks that will convince you to visit and revisit repeatedly until kingdom come. The theme parks are also some of the Gold Coast’s biggest attractions. The parks give visitors the option of choosing between a standard single day entry and unlimited access. You will also find some amazing combos that come with extra bonuses by visiting these parks.

Each theme park has a target audience. Some are open to toddlers alone. Others cater for adults. Yet, you will find many that have no problem hosting entire families. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect one for the entire family can be a problem. Obviously, your budget would come in when making such a decision. Nevertheless, your options should include the theme parks listed below.
So, which are the best theme parks Gold Coast has to offer?


Since its inception, Dreamworld has remained one of the most popular theme parks in the Gold Coast. It lives to its name. The theme park is worth spending the entire day at alone or with your loved ones. It is ideal for a family with older children mostly because of the Big 8 Thrill Rides that are available for thrill seekers. Some of the most popular attractions here include BuzzSaw, Giant Drop and Tower of Terror.


You may also want to consider SeaWorld too. The highlight that sets this theme park apart from the rest is its polar bear shores. This park is ideal for families who love wildlife. Children who are too young to take part in the adrenaline rush-filled rides can go where animal, character and stunt shows are happening. The theme parks meet the needs of thrill seekers through its Storm Coaster among many other amazing features.

Movie World

As you can rightly predict, this park revolves around movies, especially the characters that have featured prominently in Warner Bros movies. The WB Fun Zone is for small children with a passion for the magical and colorful world of cartoons. The park has a lot to keep all visitors properly entertained from start to finish. The rollercoasters that are designed around Super Man or Green Lantern are quite popular with teenagers.

Whitewater World

This theme park remains the most sought after by parents who have little children. It’s a water park. During the holidays, this park provides a place for parents to cool off from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Find Wiggles over at the appropriately named Wiggle Bay. The entire park is properly supervised for the children’s safety and the parents’ peace of mind. Some of the features that make the park special include the following:

  • giant instruments
  • colorful water canons
  • interactive sprays
  • little slides for kids to explore

In no way is this list the most exhaustive on everything that can keep you entertained in the Gold Coast. As long as you have some time to spare, use it exploring the city for more attractions. The theme parks are a nice place to spend time off with your entire family having fun and bonding. Even if you’re all alone, you will always find something that allows you to enjoy one of the best moments in your life.


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