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There are a lot of ways to perk up a space in your home. Repaint the walls, switch up the decor, maybe even change the furniture layout. But if you want something that spruces up a space and adds to your well-being, there’s nothing more perfect than a plant. 

Indoors, outdoors, on a balcony or in a garden — leafy friends are perfect for adding freshness and colour to any area. They’re also very beneficial to our mental health.

So where does one purchase a plant in Perth? There are a lot of options, of course, but for your leafy friend, you’ll want the best. And so we’ve rounded up the best places to buy plants in Perth for you, so you can drop by — or order online! — to get your plant collection growing.

(And if you need help maintaining your plant babies — try getting a professional gardening service to help with that!)



Plant lover’s paradise: Pot Plant Heaven Perth



What started off as a therapeutic hobby has now grown into a plant lover’s heaven. Pot Plant Heaven Perth is one of the go-to stores in the Western Australian Metropolitan area. It features a large range of quality plants — plus the tools you’ll need to make them thrive.

One good thing about the shop is that all plants will grow well in Perth’s climate. This way, you won’t have to worry about the growing environment — your leafy friends will feel right at home. So whether you need plants, pots, or paraphernalia, this shop in Perth is the place for you.



Green goodness: Stackwood



Head on over to Fremantle for a ‘creative venue and concept store’ that’s perfect for all your horticulture needs. Stackwood rolls studios, an event space, a concept store, and even a cafe all into a one-stop shop just for you. Beyond plants and pots, they’ve also got home products — and many are made by local craftspeople, so you’ll be supporting the community too!

Their team of experts is more than happy to help you choose based on your desired style or aesthetic. They can even work on your plant placement at home. Their belief is to ‘buy well and once’, but we won’t blame you for returning to Stackwood for more.



Oldie but a goodie: APACE Nursery



Welcome to Perth’s oldest Community garden and the first community Seedback in WA! Apace Nursery believes in using local native plants to furnish your home and garden. In operation since 1983, they provide sustainable community environmental programs — which includes supporting volunteers and several local schools. Apace also has a very informative online nursery for you to look through and select your plants.

Beyond their extensive plant shop, Apace Nursery also has landscape design services, weed control and revegetation services – with no project too large or small. They even have a Friends of Apace membership program that provides you with access to their Knowledge Centre and library, alongside a quarterly newsletter — perfect for brushing up on horticulture. If you want plants that suit the WA climate, look no further than Apace Nursery.



Bush with a brew: Bar Botanik



If you’ve got a passion for plants and a good coffee, Bar Botanik is the place to be. This family-run shop features both rare plants and a great cuppa, too! The aim is to have a place where people can relax among beautiful foliage, and boy does this place deliver.

Bar Botanik proudly carries rare and hard-to-find indoor plants that are perfect for making statements in your home. They also carry hanging carriers and wall vessels, plus homeware to go along with your plants. And if you want a little leafy friend for your office, or for a gift, their mini mossariums are too cute!



Homegrown horticulture: Nativ by Plantrite 



This family-owned nursery sits just north of Perth, and specialises in a wide range of native horticulture. Their belief is that Aussies should experience the beauty of indigenous fauna (and they’re right). They’re also out to change the idea that owning and growing Native plants is difficult — it’s not! As Nativ says, it’s just about ‘choosing the right plant for the right environment’. 

Nativ sorts their online shop by growth habit, flowering season, or soil type, so searching for the best plant for your home is simple. Their whole selection is carefully curated and grown, so you’re assured of the best quality. Best of all, they have varieties that flower all year round, so you’ll never be without colour!


Photo credits: Bar Botanik, Pot Plant Heaven Perth Facebook page, Stackwood by Rae Fallon, Nativ by Plantrite Facebook page, APACE Nursery Facebook Page