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Who doesn’t love having their own indoor jungle? A philodendron here, a pothos there, maybe a monstera in the corner…

Plants can bring life to any indoor space and instantly make a statement or add some vibrance. But of course, having indoor plants means having to take care of them!

To look after your leafy friends, you’ll need all sorts of indoor plant accessories, such as indoor plant potting mix and plant food.

You may even need an indoor plant grow light if your foliage isn’t growing by a window.

The good thing is, you don’t need to do any digging to find the best brands – we’ve collected them all for you!

For your indoor plants to thrive, you’ll need the best indoor plant supplies in Australia. (You’ll also need the best gardeners to help you care for your flora.)

Here’s our round-up of the top brands and products so your leafy friends can grow healthy and happy.


1. Seasol


Don’t just water your garden – Seasol it! That’s the mantra at Seasol, and they’re proud to say it works wonders.

They want every gardener to feel confident in growing their plants, and to learn that the food we eat comes from nature. So they’ve designed their products to do just that.

You can start off with their signature Seasol garden health treatment, which stimulates root growth and makes plants more resistant to pests and diseases.

But they’ve also got indoor plant food, soil improvers, and even potting mixes. Anything you need to maintain your indoor garden, you can find from Seasol.

Nurture your plants in a more sustainable environment with Seasol’s expert range of products.


2. Plant Doctor

Plant Doctor

This family-owned company is based on the Gold Coast. Originally, Plant Doctor supplied eco-friendly fertilisers and soil conditioners that suited the Australian landscape.

They’ve now grown beyond that to focus on plant, animal, and even human health.

For indoor plants, they carry a range of indoor plant fertilisers, such as ones made from kelp or neem.

They also have hydro plant foods and eco-friendly fungicides, as well as a potting mix and soil improver.

If you’re having a hard time picking products, go for one of their bundles – they’ll have everything you need!

Treat your plants with Plant Doctor’s range of products and they’ll all be in good health (use the code LAWN10 for 10% off!).


3. Dr. Greenthumbs

Dr Greenthumbs

Wherever you are in Australia, you can rely on Dr. Greenthumbs to help your indoor plants grow. They carry a range of products, from dry amendments to gardening accessories.

The vision of Dr. Greenthumbs is to provide Aussies with the very best organic and hydroponic gardening supplies they can get.

If you’re at a loss on where to start – check out their signature product, Root Roids. It’s a premium root stimulant that works by creating colonies of microorganisms in the root zones of your plants, which unlock and retain nutrients.

Beyond that, Dr. Greenthumbs has potting soils, fertilisers, growing media… You name it, they’ve got it!

Even those of us with brown thumbs can get our plants thriving with Dr. Greenthumbs.


4. Munash Organics

Munash Organics

Munash Organics is all about celebrating life – all of nature’s creations, from the great to the small, which are connected to each other in intricate ways.

They’re here for everyone, from beginner gardeners to horticultural experts, with products for any stage of your plant journey. Munash Organics is committed to not just nourishing your plants, but you as well!

(They also don’t import or white label products – everything is 100% natural, certified organic, and Aussie-sourced and made.)

Try Munash Organics’ natural mineral Soil Food, which they’ve designed especially for indoor plants. A slow-release formula that conditions the soil, making available 67 necessary minerals and trace elements to help your plants thrive.

They also produce a sea mineral Foliage Spray to keep your leaves green, fed, and growing.

Pair both with their Seaweed Tonic when watering, and watch how healthy your plants become!

Searching for certified organic and 100% Australian-made indoor plant care products? Look no further than Munash Organics.


5. Houseplant Hoarders

Houseplant Hoarders

Are we plant parents not all houseplant hoarders at heart? That makes this the best place to shop for all our indoor plant needs.

Houseplant Hoarders also takes pride in their homegrown or locally-sourced houseplants, with all sorts of leafy friends suited for every level of horticultural expertise.

Houseplant Hoarders carries all sorts of gardening supplies – including their signature Indoor Plant Food.

This indoor plant fertiliser carries all the nutrients to make your indoor plants happy and healthy.

Besides that, their boutique store carries specialty soil mixes, such as their Indoor Plant mix that’s formulated with neem.

If you’re an indoor plant collector, you’re going to want to shop at Houseplant Hoarders.

About Author

Lauren Schwartz

Originally from the US, Lauren loves the outdoor lifestyle she gets to have living in Australia. She enjoys working for a family owned business, helping to provide garden and lawn care for Australians all around the country.


About Author

Lauren Schwartz

Originally from the US, Lauren loves the outdoor lifestyle she gets to have living in Australia. She enjoys working for a family owned business, helping to provide garden and lawn care for Australians all around the country.