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PlantBuzz is now part of the family.

Rewind the clock a few years and was the starting point to Mark McDonough’s eclectic horticultural musings and illustrated plant studies on the web. On PlantBuzz, you could access several areas of horticultural study that monopolized Mark’s attention over a 30 year period. The most popular section and the which Mark had the greatest ambition for was Allium Central, the goal being the most complete resource on the web dedicated to the genus Allium. With a similar scarcity of on-line information as Allium, the hardy hibiscus are a wonderful group of woody shrubs and herbaceous perennials worthy of greater prominence in gardens and literature. You could also visit the Hardy Hibiscus Home to learn more about these beautiful late-blooming plants. To round out the miscellany of horticultural topics, Cleome Studies provided information on this large genus of showy annual plants, for which only a few species are known and grown. And last, there was Mark’s ever-popular Rock Gardening page, a miscellany unto itself, exploring any and all alpine, rock garden, and woodland plants that interested him.

The synergy in mission between PlantBuzz and might not be immediately apparent, it certainly exists. Whilst provides professional services, such as lawn mowing, gardening services, hedge trimming and NDIS, it also has a strong mission of education through it’s horticulture blog and work with author Jamie Donovan. The Allium genus is much neglected, and it is with this in mind that wanted to keep the work of Mark McDonough’s PlantBuzz going when it no longer had legs of its own.

Our planet is home to an incredible variety of horticulture. The sheer number of plants means that the work to document and educate others on the lesser-known ones is critical.

That’s why PlantBuzz has partnered with the family. To continue to educate the wider public and aspiring horticulturalists on the beautiful world we have around us.