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Gardening is a fantastic passion to have! There’s no feeling quite like getting your hands in the dirt and soil as you work on your plants in the ground. But to maximise efficiency and protect yourself as you work, you’ll need the correct gardening accessories.

If you’re looking for the best gardening gloves Australia, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve listed a range of garden gloves, from thorn-proof hand covers to gloves for kids. And you don’t need to keep them to yourself – these gloves are great as gifts, too!

Take inspiration from the experts and protect your hands while you work. Check out the best gardening gloves available in Australia.

Best Lightweight Gardening Gloves

Hoselink makes more than just gardening equipment – they also make gardening accessories! And that includes their lightweight bamboo garden gloves. These gloves fit comfortably, with a latex dip on the palm for better grip.

Moreover, the bamboo liner is naturally anti-odour, and will keep your hands cool and dry despite all your work. These garden gloves are also hard-wearing and machine-washable, so you can conveniently rinse them off, then toss them in the laundry to clean.

Whether you need to plant pots or get your hands dirty, these eco-friendly, lightweight bamboo gloves are your best gardening friends.

Best Gardening Gloves for Thorns

“What every gardener needs” – especially when handling thorny plants! These thorn-proof long gardening gloves protect your hands from thorns and brambles. Their length ensures protection even for your forearms, so they’re excellent value.

The HANDLANDY Gardening Gloves provide extra protection with extra padding on the palm and fingers. But that doesn’t compromise your ability to work and handle tools, since these gloves are very flexible. Whether you need to prune, trim, or just do general garden work – these are the gloves you need.

Best Rubber Gardening Gloves

These rubber-coated gardening gloves come in packs of 12, but they’re very worth the money. The Showa Atlas Fit 300 are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue, while allowing both wet and dry grip.

It’s important to note, though, that they’re not insulated – so they won’t keep your hands warm. But they’re lightweight with no irritating seams, meaning they’ll be comfortable to use for long periods of time.

If you want rubber gardening gloves for winter, Showa has the Atlas 452M-08 insulated gloves.

Best Leather Gardening Gloves

These leather garden gloves are tough but buttery soft, breathable but abrasive-resistant. Made of 100% deerskin, these gardening gloves maximise strength, durability, and flexibility. Plus, with an elastic wrist, they’ll fit most hand sizes!

The back of the glove has stretchable spandex material, so it’s windproof but comfortable. It also features a Neoprene Knuckle and Synthetic Leather fourchettes to protect your fingers from any hazards. These gloves are perfect for working – and the moisture-wicking means they won’t be uncomfortable even if you break a sweat!

Best Kids Gardening Gloves

Want your kids to help you in the garden? The Vgo Children Yard Work Gloves are perfect for smaller hands. Let your kids wear these while they’re seeding, digging, weeding, and picking.

Each glove is made of flexible seamless polyester in cute colours, perfect for young children. The gloves have a foam latex palm for a safe grip. Moreover, the knitting on the wrist wrap provides a secure fit while preventing dust and dirt from getting in.

Best Women’s Gardening Gloves

For great gardening gloves that are buttery soft while still providing maximum protection, choose the SKYDEER women’s gardening gloves. They’re made of deerskin suede that is comfortable and flexible, but still durable enough for garden work.

Each glove is flexible, with a waterproof nylon back and reinforced fingertips. This means your hands are safe from light rain and gardening hazards. Moreover, the gloves are designed to slip on and off easily, so they’re perfect whether you need to do some serious yard care or a quick pruning.

Best Men’s Gardening Gloves

Get your gardening on with these goatskin leather gloves! They have impact-rated, enhanced TPR to ensure maximum protection, alongside padded palms. But the gardening glove itself is made of soft goatskin for full comfort.

Don’t worry about your fingers even if you’re doing difficult garden jobs – these are ANSI Level 2 Rated and Cut Level 5 Rated. They’ll keep all sorts of hazards away from your skin while you work. And best of all, they’re easy to put on and take off.

Best Long Gardening Gloves

This pair of everyday gloves provides full protection even if you’re handling a cactus! The palm is made of full-grain, wear-resistant cowhide that will protect your hands while you do work. The gloves are resistant to thorns, needles, and bramble, so you can prune and handle plants without worry.

The elbow-length design features breathable pigskin that is scratch-resistant. This ensures even your forearms have protection! Plus, each glove has an adjustable cuff to keep debris and insects away from your hands, so no need to worry about stray ants on your fingers.

Best Floral Gardening Gloves

How much do you love flowers? These gardening gloves have a pretty floral design while still remaining functional and hard-wearing. They’re made of leather with a close-fitting, breathable structure that ensures comfort during long-term use. The gloves are also sweat-absorbent and abrasion-resistant.

Do you garden for long periods at a time? Worry not – these gloves are ergonomically designed, with an elastic wrist support. They’re great for all sorts of gardening work, from pruning to planting. And best of all, you’ll look stylish with the pattern of flowers and leaves to match your backyard!

Best Pink Gardening Gloves

Love the colour pink? This Spear & Jackson pair is light and bright while being suitable for gardening work. Dig up weeds or prune your plants with these breathable hand covers, which are ideal for general gardening tasks.

These gloves have nitrile-coated palms for a distinct grip while still being lightweight and machine-washable. You can reuse your pair over and over, whether for light duty or tough work. And they do come in other colours, but pink is the happiest.

Best Arthritis Gardening Gloves

Bionic ReliefGrip Gloves – Men’s and Women’s

From $55.76

Having arthritis and a green thumb makes a tricky combination. But with the right pair of gloves, you can do garden work to your heart’s content – without worrying about your hands or any pain.

The Bionic ReliefGrip line is designed by a professional orthopaedic surgeon, and it features a patented pad relief system. It also has LightPrene expanded wristbands for full support and the best fit, allowing you to work without concern for fatigue.

Moreover, the silicone fingertips provide durability and protection while affording you flexibility. Don’t let arthritis get in the way of your love for plants with the ReliefGrip Gloves!

Best Cheap Gardening Gloves

For those who don’t want to spend a fortune on garden gloves when they know they won’t be using them that often, here is your budget-friendly option (that’s still a great choice!).

Ozero’s utility work gloves are the perfect fit for the occasional gardener. They have many of the necessary features needed for light-duty gardening and pruning activities. What matters most is the glove protecting your skin while you work. This glove is even touch-screen-friendly too!

Best Outdoor Work Gloves

If you want safety gloves for outdoor work – including gardening – then the Milwaukee Level 1 Work Gloves are ideal. They have a breathable design that allows for maximum dexterity, but they’re also rated against tears, cuts, and punctures.

The blend of nylon and lycra provides all-day comfort while working. Additionally, the index finger SmartSwipe lets you access your mobile phone without removing your gardening gloves! Keep your hands safe even while using power tools through the protection of the Milwaukee Level 1 Work Gloves.

What are Gardening Gloves Made Of?

Gardening gloves are typically made of leather, rubber, fabric, or a combination of materials! It really depends on the pair you purchase.

Many gardening gloves are made of deerskin or goatskin leather with rubber, latex, or nitrile coating around the palms, knuckles, and fingers. This helps protect your fingers and aid your grip while working.

Grow Better with Garden Gloves

Make garden work easier for yourself with the best gardening gloves Australia. They’ll provide all the protection you need, keeping your hands safe while you prune, mow, dig, and more! No matter what project you’re working on, gloves are a must for all gardeners.

Show your garden some (g)love while ensuring you’re well-protected with these great gardening gloves.

About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.