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Who doesn’t love getting new tools for their garden? These outdoor spaces are our pride and joy, after all, so we love working on them and dressing them up. To take care of our gardens, you’ll need the best tools – that’s where Hoselink comes in.

Established 20 years ago, Hoselink has grown into one of Australia’s leading online gardening retailers. They take pride in their family-run business, welcoming anyone and everyone into the Hoselink community.

Get on the level of expert gardeners with these top Hoselink products. From the retractable hose reel to the solar lights, you won’t find better gardening tools and accessories than Hoselink.

#1 – Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel

Hoselink retractable hose reel

Nobody’s happy when they’re watering their garden and the hose twists or catches on something, interrupting our flow (get it?). Thankfully, with the Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel, you can water worry-free. Just pull the hose out to your chosen length, then use the special ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism to lock it in place.

Need to put the hose away? Just give it a tug, and the automatic rewind feature will roll the hose up in its casing. 

For those with large gardens, no worries – the retractable hose reel is portable! Use its carry handle to transfer your reel to different spots. You can also install multiple brackets so you can simply insert the reel and water away.

When to use: Anytime you’re watering your garden! The hose reel makes watering easier and more efficient, no matter how large or small your space is.

What people say: Customer service response is excellent if you receive a faulty unit. However, sometimes the connections may leak.

#2 – Hoselink Stand-Up Weed Puller

Hoselink stand-up weed puller

Got a weed issue in your garden? Hoselink has your back. Their stand-up weed puller makes uprooting and disposing of weeds easy-peasy. Just push the claws into the soil to grab the roots of the weed, then pull the plant out. Following that, the built-in ejection system lets you release the weed into the rubbish bin immediately.

No more bending over, crawling all over your garden on hands and knees to weed out invasive plants. The Hoselink weed puller lets you stay upright the entire time you’re working. And it weighs just 1.0kg, so you’re not lugging heavy equipment for hours at a time.

When you’re finished weeding, rinse or wipe the claws clean to prevent a build-up of dirt inside the mechanism.

When to use: Anytime you need to weed your garden! Get rid of pesky and invasive plants with this easy-to-use tool.

What people say: Simple and easy to use, so it makes weeding more efficient. Just don’t apply too much pressure, as the shaft might bend.

#3 – Hoselink Fertiliser Spray Mixer

Hoselink fertiliser spray mixer

If you’ve ever struggled to fertilise your lawn or dispense weed spray, Hoselink has a handy solution: the Fertiliser Spray Mixer. Just attach the mixer to your Hoselink-fitted hose and go. No more leaky connections – just a good ol’ reliable spray.

To use your fertiliser spray mixer, start by adding your liquid fertiliser to the bottle. You can refer to the product page for a calculator that tells you the dilution ratio of fertiliser to water. Then set the dilution ratio through the selector dial. Attach the mixer to your fitted hose, turn the water on, and squeeze the trigger to spray.

Don’t forget to rinse out the bottle afterwards! This ensures you can use multiple products without cross-contamination.

When to use: When fertilising your garden or applying weed spray. Choose from Hoselink’s liquid fertilisers (the mixer does not work with granules) or any commercially-available options. You can even use it to clean your car!

What people say: Saves you a lot of time when fertilising since you don’t need to pre-mix or fertilise separately. Be mindful of your water flow – the mixer won’t work with low water pressure or water tanks.

#4 – Hoselink 9-Pattern Sprinkler

Hoselink 9-pattern sprinkler

Skip the effort of watering your garden and standing outside in the Aussie heat. Instead, the Hoselink 9-Pattern Sprinkler can handle the job for you. Experience hassle-free watering with its 9 different spray patterns designed to cover up to a 6.0m radius (depending on your water pressure).

To use, simply attach the sprinkler to your Hoselink hose (or the Hoselink no-burst fitting accessory). Then turn the dial to your chosen setting, turn on the water, and let the sprinkler run!

When to use: When you’d rather let the sprinkler do the watering. The 9-Pattern Sprinkler is also perfect for oddly-shaped gardens.

What people say: Very sturdy and makes watering very efficient. Does not work as well with low water pressure or water tank connections.

#5 – Hoselink Solar Lights

Hoselink solar lights

Dress up your yard with premium garden lights that’ll add some sparkle to your space! The Hoselink Solar Festoon Lights are perfect for a party or an outdoor romantic dinner. Choose between four modes of lighting:

  • Constant light
  • Slow flash
  • Quick flash
  • Pulsating light

Even better, these festoon lights are solar-powered – they come with a 2200Ah rechargeable battery. Simply stake the solar panel into the ground or mount it using the appropriate hardware, and ensure it gets at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. These solar lights are highly energy-efficient and won’t shut off if one bulb goes out.

Each order comes with 8.0m of 25 festoon lights, with a run time of 8–12 hours.

When to use: If you need to fancy up your garden space, or create an aesthetic ambience. 

What people say: Very attractive, especially in the spring and summer among flowering plants. The bulbs are somewhat fragile, however, so be mindful while stringing them up.

#6 – Hoselink Weeper Hose

Hoselink Weeper Hose

If you have garden beds, then the Hoselink Weeper Hose will make watering your beds much more efficient. This hose lets water seep out slowly and directly into the soil, closer to the roots. This reduces evaporation and unnecessary water waste.

The internal hose is covered in a porous, durable nylon material that lets water seep out slowly and evenly. It works best with low pressure, so ensure your garden tap is only partially turned on. You can lay the weeper hose on the soil surface or under a layer of mulch, but do not bury it underground as the soil might block the water exit.

If you need a longer reach, remove the stop cap at one end and attach to a second weeper hose.

When to use: In raised garden beds for more efficient watering that flows directly to the roots.

What people say: Does the job well. Be mindful that birds may pick at the water exits. Do not confuse it with a soaker hose.

#7 – Hoselink Bamboo Garden Gloves

Hoselink bamboo garden gloves

Protect your hands while gardening with these breathable, eco-friendly Hoselink Bamboo Garden Gloves. These hand covers are lightweight but durable, and are suitable for most garden tasks. The gloves are lined with seamless, knitted bamboo that is naturally anti-odour and provides a soft finish.

To improve your grip on tools, the glove palm has a latex dip. Then the cuffs are elastic, ensuring a snug fit to keep out bugs and debris.

When you need to clean your gloves, just toss them in the washer – they’re machine-washable!

When to use: Anytime you need to work in the garden, from pruning to weeding.

What people say: Good quality and comfortable to wear. The gloves are even thorn-proof.

#8 – Hoselink Super Jet Washer

Hoselink super jet washer

Need to get mud off a surface? No problem. The Hoselink Super Jet Washer makes it easy work to clean away any stains and dirt. It has two interchangeable nozzles so you can have a strong pinpoint jet spray or a wider fan spray. This way, you can just choose whichever suits your needs!

To switch nozzles, just unscrew the attachment from the end of the wand and replace it with your preferred one.

The jet nozzle comes with a long wand that helps you clean hard-to-reach places. Meanwhile, the fan spray lets you cover wider areas in one use. Both attachments come with an easy on/off lever that lets you control water flow, and they both have a soft grip handle so you can use them comfortably.

When to use: If you need to clean outdoor furniture, your car, the outside of your windows, and even your gutters!

What people say: Great for cleaning paths, windows, and other outdoor things. Just be mindful that it only works with Hoselink fittings and is not compatible with the Swivel Connector or Click-On Adapter.

#9 – Hoselink Oscillating Sprinkler

Hoselink oscillating sprinkler

If the 9-Pattern Sprinkler isn’t enough for your garden, you can go for the Hoselink Oscillating Sprinkler! With good water pressure and maxed-out water flow, this sprinkler can cover a rectangular area of up to 12x15m. But this sprinkler can function even with low water pressure, and works particularly well with the Retractable Hose Reel.

The oscillating sprinkler has water flow control and several spray settings. This lets you adjust the saturation levels and spray types depending on your garden. You can water a narrow space, a garden bed, and even individual sections!

Don’t worry about cleaning – it has a built-in cleaner and a mesh filter to keep out dirt and debris. 

When to use: Anytime you need to water your garden, so long as it has a rectangular shape.

What people say: Very efficient watering system that cuts down on time while increasing efficiency. If you don’t own the hose reel, you’ll need a hose end connector to attach to your current hose.

Hoselink Product FAQ

Got some questions about Hoselink products? Here are some answers!


Can you buy Hoselink products in stores?

Hoselink is an online-only retailer, so you won’t find these products in retail outlets and physical stores. The company prefers direct deals with customers, so you can purchase Hoselink products through their online store or customer service hotline.


Are Hoselink products worth it?

Absolutely! Hoselink offers top-quality, highly-rated gardening tools and accessories that are loved by customers all across Australia. This list is just a sampling of their best, most popular products – but everything on their website is worth buying.


Does Hoselink ship internationally?

Hoselink does have a US website, but it has a limited product range. Orders placed through their main site can only be delivered to Australian postal addresses.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.