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Whether you’re collecting grass clippings or moving pavers, a wheelbarrow is an indispensable tool that makes the job easier.

But the type of wheelbarrow you choose will depend on a lot of things – especially what you’ll use it for. Then you’ll need to consider the material and size of the trays, handles, and tyres.

Looking for the best wheelbarrow in Australia? We’ve put together a comprehensive list with different purposes and other factors to make things wheely easy for you. (Ha!)

Types of Wheelbarrows by Material

When asking about different kinds of wheelbarrows, you’ll likely hear people talk about the material. They’re usually referring to what the tray or bowl is made of.

For the average wheelbarrow, that comes down to plastic, powder-coated steel, or galvanised steel.



Plastic or poly wheelbarrows are made of polypropylene, polyurethane, or polyethylene. They’re usually lighter and more affordable than their steel counterparts.

These types of wheelbarrows are preferred for their corrosion resistance, so they’re good for fertiliser or manure. However, they will eventually warp and lose strength from UV exposure.

Plastic is also not recommended for heavier materials.

Polyethylene wheelbarrows are stronger with more impact resistance.


Powder-coated steel

This type of wheelbarrow has a wide range of uses, usually in gardening and landscaping.

Since it’s made of steel, it won’t degrade from UV exposure. It also has higher damage resistance than plastic. However, the powder-coated finish will show scratches more easily.


Galvanised steel

In comparison to coated metal, galvanised steel wheelbarrows have a higher level of rust resistance. They’re also the most durable of the three options.

A galvanised steel bowl is most recommended for heavy loads such as bricks or pavers.


What is the Best Wheelbarrow in Australia?

Not all wheelbarrows are made equal – some are more suited to one job than others.

A garden wheelbarrow will be very different from a builder’s barrow, so consider what you’ll be using it for before getting one!

And of course, if you regularly have a professional gardening service maintain your garden, let them know where the wheelbarrow is stored and how to put it back.

Best wheelbarrow overall: Duramix DMCST100FF Steel Wheelbarrow

Capacity: 100L | Max Load: 100kg | Tray Material: Folded Steel

Among wheelbarrows, the Duramix DMCST100FF Steel Wheelbarrow is a champ. Its exceptional strength and extra durability make it the right wheelbarrow for tradesmen as well as landscapers.

Duramix made the tray out of 1.00m pressed steel with a full steel rim. It also has a poly impact board and nose guard for more protection.

There’s also a lifting hook at the front for attachment to machinery.

Best electric wheelbarrow: Makita DCU180PT2B 36V

Capacity: 90L | Max Load: 130kg | Travelling Speed: 1.5kph (low) to 3.5kph (high)

When looking for outdoor powered equipment, you can’t go wrong with Makita – and that includes wheelbarrows.

The Makita DCU180PT2B 36V features an 18V brushless motor and a cordless system that makes gardening and home construction a breeze. You get a high-capacity wheelbarrow with some extra power thanks to its two 5.0Ah batteries.

The model only needs 1 battery to run, so you can switch between batteries for longer runtime. It also comes with a hand brake and rear brake, as well as a variable speed trigger for more control.

Capacity: 100L | Max Load: 180kg | Tray Material: Coated Steel

If you’re looking for the best cheap wheelbarrow, this one combines affordability and effectiveness. The Duramix Steel Contractors Wheelbarrow features a large capacity and strong material.

This model comes with 16″ x 400-8 flat-free tyres for better manoeuvrability. It also has a coated steel frame, plus a 7mm impact board and heavy-duty nose guard for safety.

Best small wheelbarrow: Garden Star 70019 Garden Barrow

Capacity: 84L | Max Load: 136kg | Tray Material: Polyurethane

In need of a small and lightweight wheelbarrow for your garden? The Garden Star Garden Barrow is the perfect tool for you.

It features a durable poly tray and two pneumatic tyres that can easily transport mulch, dirt, and gravel. And due to its size – the barrow itself weighs less than 10kg – anyone can use it while doing light gardening work.

Additionally, the loop handle lets you efficiently pull or push the tray around.

Best lightweight wheelbarrow: True Temper R6STSP25 Steel Wheelbarrow

Capacity: 170L | Max Load: 136kg | Tray Material: Alloy Steel

Don’t let the capacity fool you – the True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow has an item weight of 3.17kg! This lightweight tool is the best wheelbarrow for seniors thanks to its manoeuvrability and comfortable grip.

The steel handles are padded to lessen fatigue on the user, while the flat-free tyres do not need inflating. This means the True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow is best for seniors, too!

Rest assured, this wheelbarrow is built to last while ensuring convenient and efficient use.

Capacity: 100L | Max Load: 150kg | Tray Material: Folded Steel

The Duramix Heavy-Duty Wide Wheelbarrow can take a beating! It features a coated undercarriage with a folded steel tray, making it the ideal partner for home gardeners and tradesmen alike.

The thick steel of the tray and the hardwood timber handles mean you can carry anything from grass clippings to building materials. The tray is held up with 30mm upright supports and has a full steel rim.

Best of all, the 16″ x 6.50-8 flat-free tyres can handle even off-road terrain with ease.

Capacity: 100L | Max Load: 150kg | Tray Material: Folded Steel

For steel barrows, it’s hard to do better than the Duramix Brickies Steel Wheelbarrow. This heavy-duty barrow comes in a 100L capacity with a tray made of 1.1mm folded steel.

Tradesmen, landscapers, and gardeners can push it around with ease thanks to the comfortable hardwood timber handles. It also features a well-built, powder-coated undercarriage.

The single flat-free tyre adds manoeuvrability even off-road.

Best collapsible wheelbarrow: BBTO Folding Garden Wheelbarrow

Capacity: 280L | Max Load: 40kg | Tray Material: Waterproof Oxford cloth

The BBTO Folding Garden Wheelbarrow is flexible and lightweight, so it’s perfect for everyday gardening. Its foldable design lets you store it anywhere in your garage or shed with ease.

BBTO designed the wheelbarrow with a plastic-coated iron frame supporting a waterproof cloth bowl. You can use it to move grass and weeds, branches, and even gravel or small rocks.

Be careful when transporting sharp objects, though – they could puncture the cloth.

Best wheelbarrow for concrete: Masterfinish Easymix Wheelbarrow

Capacity: 100L | Max Load: Estimated 150kg | Tray Material: Poly

When transporting concrete and cement, such as around a construction site, you’re better off with poly wheelbarrows. It’s much harder to detach dried concrete from a steel tray versus a poly one.

Given that, opt for the Masterfinish Easymix Wheelbarrow. Its high capacity and steel undercarriage mean it’s capable of transporting concrete without much difficulty for users.

The bowl is reinforced by a full steel rim and 32mm welded legs. There’s also a built-in pouring lip for emptying the concrete mix.

Best two-wheel wheelbarrow: WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow

Capacity: 113L | Max Load: 90kg | Tray Material: Coated Steel

The best thing about this wheelbarrow is its versatility! You can convert the WORX Aerocart between 8 different uses, including a lightweight wheelbarrow and an extended dolly.

This allows you to perform all sorts of jobs around your home and garden.

Its Turbolift design concentrates the centre of gravity over the wheels to improve balance and make heavy lifting easier. The two-wheel system adds stability so you don’t tip over.

And of course, it comes with durable flat-free tyres and comfortable padded grips.

Best wheelbarrow for gardening: Duramix DMCPT100FF General Purpose Wheelbarrow

Capacity: 100L | Max Load: 150kg | Tray Material: Poly

This premium poly wheelbarrow is great for all sorts of gardening work! The tray is supported by a steel undercarriage, rim, and coated handles so you can transport grass clippings, hedge trimmings, and other debris.

To protect the bowl, the Duramix General Purpose Wheelbarrow features an impact board and a nose guard. There’s also a lifting hook that you can attach other equipment to.

The barrow’s large capacity also means you can collect more debris or move around more materials in one trip.

Duramix’s General Purpose Wheelbarrow is also excellent for mulching. Poly trays will not rust despite exposure to moisture from compost and other organic materials.

Best wheelbarrow for landscaping: Gorilla Carts GCR-4 Poly Yard Cart

Capacity: 113L | Max Load: 150kg | Tray Material: Poly

The dual-wheel setup and large poly bed make the Gorilla Carts GCR-4 Poly Yard Cart perfect for landscaping. Its high capacity and max weight maximise performance.

This allows anyone to carry large loads of soil or pavers per trip, and the barrow can stand on its own while you work. Moreover, the poly bed won’t rust due to exposure to moisture.

Moreover, the pneumatic tyres can roll over most terrains while maintaining balance. And it’s easy to store – just fold the handle down and slot the barrow into any space.

Best wheelbarrow for hauling wood: Duramix DMFTBW Professional Flat Steel Wheelbarrow

Open-Sided Carry-Type Tray | Max Load: 150kg | Tray Material: Folded Steel

If you’re hauling wood around, you’ll need a heavy-duty wagon that can carry logs or planks efficiently. The Duramix Professional Flat Steel Wheelbarrow features open sides so you can easily stack wood of any width.

(It works for bricks and pavers, too!)

For maximum comfort, the barrow features hardwood handles. There’s also a flat-free tyre for increased manoeuvrability.

And of course, the open and upright design of the tray lets you unload wood with ease.

Best wheelbarrow for kids: Kelso Kids Poly Tray Wheelbarrow

Capacity: 30L | Max Load: 10kg | Tray Material: Poly

When your kids are old enough, gardening is a fantastic bonding activity! Your little helper will love transporting mulch or clippings on the Kelso Kids Wheelbarrow.

This barrow is specifically designed for kids – it’s lightweight (just 3.92kg) and easy to manoeuvre. It also has a maximum load of just 10kg to lessen the risk of injury.

The comfortable handles are made of timber wood for comfort and minimise strain on your children.

Capacity: 113L | Max Load: 270kg | Tray Material: Poly

Besides the traditional wheelbarrow, there’s also the utility cart! And for this, you’ll want the Gorilla Carts Heavy Duty Utility Wheelbarrow.

The durable steel frame supports its rust-proof poly tray, allowing you to carry up to 270kg. It also has a patented quick-release dumping system so you can unload materials with ease.

The 4-wheel barrow provides stability so you can tackle intensive projects. This dump cart also features pneumatic tyres and a padded straight-pull handle.

How to Choose a Wheelbarrow

When deciding on the best wheelbarrows, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider. 

These will help you decide which wheelbarrow best fits your needs.


Tray size and material

The main body of the wheelbarrow where you place the load is called a tray or bowl. The size of the tray is measured in litres and may come with a weight limit (kg).

Home-use barrows fall between 50L and 120L.

Brands will also often list a tray’s “wet” and “dry” capacities. These indicate how much “wet” material (e.g. cement mix) and “dry” material (e.g. bricks) the bowl can hold.

A larger capacity will allow you to carry more materials per load, but that will make it heavier and harder to manoeuvre. You’ll need to consider how much weight you can safely push or lift.

Material is also a key factor. Steel trays can take more weight and impact, but will be heavier than plastic trays.


Handle material

This is the part of the wheelbarrow you handle (ha!) the most, so give this a lot of consideration. Many brands now offer ergonomic and/or non-slip handles to lessen the risk of injury and discomfort.

There are three materials available:

  • Galvanised steel handles
  • Powder-coated steel handles
  • Timber handles

Steel handles are typically stronger and more long-wearing, but are very inflexible. Galvanised steel has more rust resistance.

Timber or wooden handles feel more comfortable to grip and will not heat up under the sun. The “give” or flexibility of wood also reduces the strain on the user when pulling.


Type of tyre

You’ll need to consider both how many tyres your barrow has and what kind they are.

Single-wheel models provide easy manoeuvrability but are less steady. 2 or 4-wheel models offer more stability on uneven or sloped terrain.

Wider wheels are also better for carrying heavy loads as they distribute the weight more evenly.

In addition, you can get either pneumatic tyres or solid rubber tyres. Solid tyres are heavier but less prone to puncturing and do not require pumping.

Pneumatic tyres are lighter but require consistent air inflation. They’re also more at risk of puncturing, although the 4-ply and flat-free assemblies are more puncture-resistant.

About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.