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We put so much effort into maintaining our gardens – we definitely deserve to show them off.

With decorative garden lighting – or just outdoor lighting in general – you can bring life to your outdoor spaces at night.

Some types of garden lights include path lights, spotlights, wall lights, spike lights, and string lights. Each serves a different function when illuminating an outdoor space.

Ready to brighten up your backyard? We’ve got some of the best garden lights in Australia – as well as a guide to all garden lights and how to choose them.

Best Outdoor Lights for Gardens

There are way too many choices when it comes to outdoor lighting, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are our top picks for garden lights of every kind.

Best Path Lights

Motion Sensor | Easy To Install, No Wiring Required

These garden path lights are both attractive and practical. The light emitted is pale yellow, so it adds a rustic vibe to your garden. Your solar path lights will emit a continuous dim light until the motion sensor gets triggered, at which point they brighten for 20 seconds.

The Hoselink lights come with a solar panel to recharge their lithium batteries, and energy-efficient LED bulbs. They’re also 100% weather-resistant.

Best Spotlight or Floodlight

Great for Yard, Porch, Patio, or Garage | Waterproof, Adjustable Heads

Don’t worry about running out of power with these lights – they have both a solar-rechargeable battery, and can take 2 D-cell batteries as backup. Meanwhile, the heads are adjustable so you can customise the area covered by the lighting. It also comes with motion sensors and timers.

The SOLLA Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Light is easy to install, and comes with an IP65 rating to withstand all weather conditions. This means you have outdoor light protection no matter the season.

Best Wall Light

Motion Sensor | Choice of 3 Light Settings

For outdoor wall lights, choose the Hoselink Medium Solar Wall Light. It comes with motion sensors that detect movement from up to 6.0m away, and a wide angle (120º) for coverage. Best of all, it’s solar-powered with a rechargeable battery!

Your Solar Wall Light comes with 3 modes – medium, dim, and sensor mode. It also has an IP65 rating and a cool white colour.

Best Deck Light

6000K LED | Polished Copper

To add some ambient lighting to your deck or porch, choose these CLA Lighting recessed deck lights. They come with a sophisticated polished copper finish and project 6000K cool white or warm white light. You’ll need to purchase additional external control gear, however.

The DECK Outdoor Recessed Deck Light comes with an IP67 rating to ensure resistance to dust and water. It comes with an energy-efficient LED bulb.

Best Ground Lights

Great Feature Lights | 3 Lighting Modes

The Hoselink Adjustable Solar Ground Spike is perfect to illuminate trees and garden beds. It comes as a light positioned on a stake, so installation is simple. You can place it out in the open, or blend it in with plants – just ensure it receives adequate sunlight.

Your Solar Ground Light comes with an IP65 rating and a built-in light sensor that switches on at night and off at dawn. It’s also made of rust-proof ABS material.

Best Hanging Lights

Automatically Illuminates at Night, Turns Off at Dawn | Antique Feel

Add a vintage aesthetic to your porch or garden with this Hoselink solar-powered decorative lantern. You can hang it anywhere so long as it receives sunlight, and its striking pattern will reflect beautifully on any surface.

These lanterns emit a dim, warm white glow that adds a comforting ambience to any environment. It also comes with a built-in light sensor for detecting nighttime.

Best Fairy Lights

Perfect for Any Occasion | 4 Lighting Modes

Turn your garden into an Instagram-worthy shot with these festoon lights! Whether you want a more aesthetic look or just a relaxing ambience, this string of lights makes a perfect choice. These fairy lights are 8m in length, with 25 bulbs. If you’re looking for a longer string of fairy lights, Hoselink offers an Extension Set.

The Hoselink Solar Festoon Lights come with four lighting modes depending on the effect you want to create. They also charge via solar panel or a micro USB port.

Why Install Garden Lights?

Outdoor lights serve different purposes depending on the type of garden light you choose. Reasons to install outdoor lighting include:

  • Security: Outdoor lights may discourage intruders from targeting your home since they increase the risk of getting caught.
  • Safety: Path lights and wall lights illuminate gates, steps, and walkways to prevent falls and other accidents.
  • Events: If you host a dinner or have a romantic picnic under the stars, your outdoor fixtures will provide beautiful, ambient lighting.
  • Landscaping: Highlight your trees, shrubs, flowers, and ground cover with different kinds of lighting to make the most of your foliage.

Once you’ve decided the purpose of your lighting, survey your garden and decide where and how you want to position the light sources. You can consult a professional gardener or landscaper for help – and even get your garden prepped before decking it out!

Types of Garden Lights

Outdoor garden lighting can be separated into several types according to function. If you’re planning to install outdoor lights in your garden, decide first what kind of light you need.

Path lights

These are more than just decorative lighting. Path lights illuminate steps and other walkways so that people can see where they’re going at night. They’re also good for adding ambience to your garden when you have guests over.

Some designs for path lights include bollards, downlights, and stake lights.

Spotlights or Floodlights

spotlight with purple flowers around it

These are more than just decorative lighting. Path lights illuminate steps and other walkways so that people can see where they’re going at night. They’re also good for adding ambience to your garden when you have guests over.

Some designs for path lights include bollards, downlights, and stake lights.

Wall lights

An outdoor wall light will add decoration and illuminate the space around them. It’s both decorative and functional, although you’ll need to ensure your wall light is securely mounted and protected from the elements.

Deck lights

deck lights

If you want softer lighting options, especially around your deck or porch, these are excellent fixtures. They’ll provide moderate illumination without getting overly bright. Install them around your deck, stairs, or gazebo.

You can even get creative and purchase deck lights that automatically switch on or change colour!

Ground lights

These outdoor lighting options are best for garden beds and other landscaped areas. Ground lights are often recessed and offer mild illumination directed upwards, so they highlight low plants or outdoor garden features.

Choose ground lights for a more subtle effect, since they sit at ground level and can blend in with ground cover.

Hanging lights

hanging lights

Hanging lights are mostly aesthetic – they add ambience in an outdoor area. Hook them up to a trellis or a deck for some gorgeous design ideas.

Fairy lights

String lights in a yard

Also called festoon lights or string lights, these are small bulbs strung together to create a light source. These are also a type of hanging garden light, and provide some Instagram-worthy lighting for your garden and home.

Electric Lights vs Solar Lights

There are generally two ways to power outdoor lights – electric and solar. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and its own installation procedure.

Electric garden lighting

Electric or wired lights tend to be brighter since they connect directly to a power source. They come with various automations such as smart lighting, sensors, timers, and colour or brightness changes. Some popular choices are 12V garden lights or low-voltage lighting systems.

These do need to be hard-wired, though, which means they won’t function if you lose power. You also need a professional to install them so the wires are hidden and connected properly.

Types of electric lights include:


  • Halogen lights: These cost less upfront, and provide higher light intensity. However, they heat up fairly easily and have a shorter lifespan (2,000–5,000 hours).
  • LED lights: These have longer lifespans (about 40,000 hours) and are more energy-efficient. In the long run, LED bulbs are more low-maintenance, but cost more to install.

Solar garden lighting

single solar garden light in a garden at night

Take advantage of the strong Australian sun with solar-powered lighting. The most common setup is a single-cell panel that absorbs light during the day, and converts it into energy in a battery. Then that battery can power the lightbulb at night.

Some pros of solar-powered lighting include ease of installation and sustainability. The most popular design is a “spike light” – a stake that you drive into the soil for entirely wireless installation. The solar panel means they don’t drive up electricity costs and have a lower carbon footprint.

But while being solar-powered means they’ll function even during a power outage, their actual power source is unreliable. If it’s a cloudy day, they won’t charge as efficiently. They’re also less bright and might cost more, especially for large installations.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

Now that you know about the types of outdoor lighting and why you should install them, let’s get down to the factors of choosing your garden lights.


  • Colour: Cool white light is brighter and more intense, while warm white light offers a better accent due to its softness.
  • Location: Assess your garden and plan where you want to install your lights. Do you have garden paths or plant-filled outdoor areas? Pre-assign placements in advance to make installation easier.
  • Position: Where do you want to aim your lights – towards trees, a water feature, or your home? Space out your lights carefully and ensure they don’t concentrate on one focal point that’ll be too bright.
  • Protection: Ensure your lights are sheltered from the elements so they don’t get damaged. Place them in areas where they won’t be exposed to strong winds and rains. Check the IP rating of each light source you purchase!
  • Power sources: For 12V garden bulbs, keep wiring hidden so people or pets don’t trip over them. Solar-powered lights should be somewhere they get the sun’s energy.

 Light Things Up

With this guide to the best garden lights Australia and your lighting plan, it’s time to purchase those bulbs and get creative. But remember to exercise some restraint – when it comes to outdoor lights, a little can go a long way!

About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.