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True to form, Canberra’s nurseries are as diverse as everything else the city offers. From a plant store supplying native Australian plants to a succulent nursery selling unique cacti and bespoke pots, you won’t run out of fabulous foliage and flowers to fill your home with.

When you’re a plant lover residing in the country’s capital, you know you’re in for some exceptional plant finds — and there are a lot, quite frankly! To satisfy even the most discriminating of plant connoisseurs, we had our Canberra gardening experts come up with their list of the best nurseries in Canberra. See if your favourite nursery made it to the list:



1. Urban Jungle Canberra

Urban Jungle Canberra

With Urban Jungle’s indoor plants and plant accessories, self-care never looked so good — or green. This plant store is a must when you want to set up a plant oasis at home. You’ll find an excellent range of beautiful ornamentals such as Philodendrons, Monsteras, Ficus, and Pothos as well as other potted, vining, and flowering plants. Aside from lush fronds, Urban Jungle also has a wide selection of modern planters and vases that are Insta-worthy. The self-watering pot, we’ve heard, is a hit among busy plant parents.

Drop by this verdant wonderland and be inspired with leafy gift ideas left, right and centre. With Urban Jungle’s extensive plant-and-pot combinations, sharing your plant love is as quick and easy as the store’s same-day delivery. Whether your prized pot is a gift for yourself or for someone special, Urban Jungle will make sure it is delivered to your address of choice complete with care instructions. That’s end-to-end TLC for you, courtesy of Urban Jungle.

Address: 1/7 Sargood Street, O’Connor, ACT 2602



2. Provincial Plants and Landscapes

For large-scale gardening needs, Provincial Plants and Landscapes is the place to visit. Located conveniently in Pialligo, this full-service nursery and landscape company started with ‘no buildings, power, or accessible water’ to now growing hundreds and thousands of plants. Founders David and Lisa built the business from scratch in 2001. Provincial Plants and Landscapes has expanded to a full-sized team with outlets in the ACT and SENSW. Provincial has grown to become an industry leader and has received multiple awards to prove it, including the prestigious Nursery and Garden Industry Awards.

While Provincial’s range of gardening and landscaping services is impressive, it is their huge retail and wholesale nurseries that have plant lovers flocking to Pialligo when they want to haul some plant supplies. From Acacias to Zelkovas, you’ll literally find plants from A-Z here. Choose from a wide array of advanced trees, native flowers, climbers, shrubs, groundcovers, hedges, sedges and grasses — you name it, this one-stop shop has it with a focus on climate-ready, Canberra-suited native species.

Address: Corner of Pialligo Ave and Fairbairn Ave, (Yard 10, 364 Fairbairn Avenue),  Pialligo, ACT 2609



3. Farmgate Natives

Farmgate Natives

For gorgeous plant choices that will transform your garden from boring to bold, there’s only one place to go: Farmgate Natives. Home of hardy native Australian plants, this production nursery is a 30-minute drive from Canberra. Owner Alison Ubels is a horticulturist and native flora fan herself, growing mostly hardy native plants in her own garden. She’s also a reliable resource when it comes to native plant care and maintenance advice.

Silver Wattle, Native Leek, Silver Banksia, and Kangaroo Grass are just some of the species that will catch your interest at Farmgate Natives. The plants for sale mostly come in 70mm tubes — they have been acclimated beforehand and are ready for planting in harsh conditions. With its huge selection of shade-loving and bush tucker plants, among many others, Farmgate Natives has earned a reputation among individual plant collectors and even within the local government as a go-to native plant supplier in Canberra. 

Address: 1264 Murrumbateman Road, Murrumbateman, NSW 2582



4. Rodney’s Plants Plus

Rodney's Plants Plus

Known to be the largest all-weather garden centre in Canberra, Rodney’s Plants Plus isn’t your run-of-the-mill plant store. From potted trees and shrubs to seedlings and specialist plants, this nursery has a massive selection of greenery to choose from. Roses, azaleas, camellias, citrus trees, succulents, ferns, and bonsai are but a few of the flora you can feast your eyes on when you’re visiting Rodney’s. 

No worries if you’re just starting out on your plant journey and wish to learn more. The team at Rodney’s is more than happy to assist you with your gardening needs and provide you with expert advice on plant care. Drop by for your usual plant haul or explore the outdoors (and their garden cafe) with family and friends — Rodney’s Plants Plus is a place to experience the world of gardening at its best.

Address: 24 Beltana Road, Pialligo, ACT 2609



5. Inspired Succulents

Inspired Succulents

For eye-catching succulents that are sure to spruce up your indoor space, look no further than Inspired Succulents. This plant store offers Echeveria, Kalanchoe, Sempervivum, Pachyphytum, Crassula, Euphorbia, Crassula, and other extraordinary succulents to suit your fancy. Pair your plants with any of Inspired Succulents’ unique pots — these ceramic pots come in stylish and unique designs you won’t find anywhere else.

Ever tried potting the purple Echeveria Shaviana Hime in a pink Frida Kahlo planter? How about complementing your crimson-tipped Crassula Perforata Variegata with a red elephant planter? Only at Inspired Succulents will you be moved to create pieces of botanical magic this enchanting. And why wouldn’t you be, when owners Kieran and Mark (together with their fur babies Miss Meow and Angel) have filled their store with dreamy plants and plant accessories. For your next indoor plant binge, give Inspired Succulents a try and see what artistic plant creations you come up with.

Address: 3A Stornaway Road, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.