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Among the different varieties of roses, Floribunda roses are one of the most well-loved. You’ll get to enjoy the perks of caring for a disease-resistant variety and have clusters of stunning blooms to adorn your garden. 

Reputation-wise, Floribundas are more low-key compared to their grander cousins. Don’t underestimate them, though. These flowers carry with them a storied pedigree from their parents: Hybrid Tea roses and Polyantha roses.


Floribunda rose ancestry

When one of your parents is considered rose royalty, your blooms can’t help but have the same star quality. Floribundas are heir to dazzling, brightly-coloured flowers and long, elegant stems – an homage to their Hybrid Tea lineage.

Unlike the Hybrid Tea rose, however, Floribundas have slightly smaller blossoms that appear in clusters. They also have a shorter and bushier appearance compared to the more statuesque Hybrid Teas. This doesn’t make them subpar to their stellar predecessor, though. Floribundas have the upper hand when it comes to low maintenance care.

From the Polyantha rose variety, Floribundas have inherited a hardy and floriferous nature. While they’re not climbers like the Polyanthas, Floribunda roses can grow densely to a height of up to 1.5m. 



Floribunda rose varieties by colour

From poetic to provocative, you won’t run out of fascinating names when talking about Floribunda roses. These flowers come in a wide range of colours to boot. To know more about which rose symbolises what, read our guide on rose colours and their meanings.


Apricot Floribundas


‘Golden Beauty’

‘Golden Beauty’ roses are celebrated for their clusters of creamy apricot-coloured flowers. You’ll have prolific blooming from this variety during its flowering season, which occurs during late spring until fall. 



‘Honey Perfume’

‘Honey Perfume’ Floribundas have light apricot-coloured blooms that showcase slightly ruffled petals. These roses have a beautiful fragrance that closely resembles a combination of honey and spice. A rose bush of this variety doesn’t grow very tall and reaches a maximum height of 1.2m.



‘Livin’ Easy’

‘Livin’ Easy’ roses should have another nickname: ‘Carefree’. These exuberant roses bear bright apricot-coloured flowers that transition to a deep orange when in full bloom. From its glossy foliage and cheery-looking blossoms down to its fruity fragrance, this rose variety is all about confidence. What do we love most about this rose, aside from its Hakuna Matata mantra? True to its name, ‘Livin Easy’ roses are fairly weather-tolerant and are resistant to fungal diseases. You won’t have to worry about keeping these roses thriving.



‘Lady Marmalade’

With just the right amount of naughty and nice, ‘Lady Marmalade’ roses are compact Floribundas that produce fragrant rosy-peach flowers. To encourage profuse flowering, make sure to deadhead your rose bushes regularly. ‘Lady Marmalade’ roses have a petite stature and can reach up to 90cm in height when fully mature.



Pink Floribundas 


‘August Seebauer’ / ‘The Queen Mother’

‘August Seebauer’ roses are compact 0.6-0.9m shrubs that bear elegant pale pink flowers. These roses are known to bloom in spring, summer, and autumn. Also named ‘The Queen Mother’ for their timeless colour, these beautiful rose bushes are tasteful as border hedges. Plant them under full sun in mildly acidic soil to maximise their full growth and flowering potential.



‘Nearly Wild’

‘Nearly Wild’ is an apt name for this short Floribunda variety because of its form and floral structure. ‘Nearly Wild’ roses have single-petaled pink flowers that give off a faint apple fragrance. Although they can reach a height of up to 1.2m, they are excellent as groundcover roses or as low hedges.




‘Pomponella’ roses are a Floribunda variety that bears deep pink flowers. These small rose bushes measure up to 80cm in height, and are known for being disease-resistant.



‘Sexy Rexy’

‘Sexy Rexy’ roses look more demure than their name suggests. Their lightly scented blooms come tightly packed with carnation pink petals, which makes them ideal for bridal bouquets and cut floral arrangements. Despite having dainty-looking flowers, ‘Sexy Rexy’ rose bushes are the hardy kind. They can tolerate a range of weather conditions, but love being exposed to full sun most of all.



‘The Fairy’

As ethereal as its name suggests, ‘The Fairy’ Floribunda is a feast for the eyes with its tightly packed double-petaled pink flowers. If your garden is on the small side, you won’t have any trouble growing these rose bushes. ‘The Fairy’ roses are relatively short at just 0.6-0.9m in height.



‘Tickled Pink’

‘Tickled Pink’ roses are small Floribunda shrubs that produce clusters of candy pink flowers and glossy foliage. This disease-resistant variety has a bushy form and blooms all throughout summer.



‘You’re Beautiful’

‘You’re Beautiful’ roses are a charmer through and through. These Floribundas flaunt exquisite fragrant pink flowers, glossy foliage, and a compact bush form. This variety is disease-resistant and flowers profusely throughout summer as well. 



Red Floribundas 


‘Dusky Maiden’

A bit mysterious and sombre, the ‘Dusky Maiden’ variety is the rose bush for you if you’re looking for dark-coloured blooms. These roses bear single-petaled flowers imbued with a rich wine colour and punctuated with short, yellow stamens. ‘Dusky Maiden’ roses are repeat bloomers and are famous for their strong perfume.



‘Eye Paint’

With all the stellar roses in the Floribunda family, it’s hard for a single-petaled rose variety to be taken seriously. A quick look at ‘Eye Paint’ roses will make you think twice about calling single-petaled roses ‘plain’, however.

The ‘Eye Paint’ variety boasts of bright red petals studded with golden yellow stamens. These roses are quite popular among garden owners for their hardy nature and bushy spreading habit. They’re as well-loved by insects like butterflies for their vivid colour. ‘Eye Paint’ rose bushes do well under full sun, and can reach up to 1.5m in height.



‘Hot Cocoa’

In a sea of red roses, the flowers of ‘Hot Cocoa’ rose bushes stand out. There’s no mistaking this rose variety’s rich orange-red colour that deepens depending on the plant’s exposure to sunlight. Not only are ‘Hot Cocoa’ roses gorgeous, but they also come with a light, fruity scent. They’re the roses to choose if you want to take an autumn bouquet or cut floral arrangement to the next level. 

Plant ‘Hot Cocoa’ rose bushes under full sun to get the most vivid rust hue from their flowers. You won’t have to worry about fussing over them for maintenance. These roses are vigorous growers and disease-resistant. Blooming season starts in spring and carries on through fall. 




Red and impassioned, ‘Impatient’ Floribundas are a particular favourite by gardeners like myself. These roses are second to none when it comes to having a fiery go-getter personality. While most of their cousins in the Floribunda family tree bloom from early summer to frost (which is a good long time compared to other rose varieties), little ‘Impatient’ roses start to blossom during early spring. Just like well-fed children – meaning you water and fertilise them regularly – you’ll be seeing quick growth of up to 1.2m and prolific blooming in no time. Don’t forget to let them play in the sun, of course, as these rambunctious babies love full sun.



‘Moment in Time’

One of the smaller Floribundas around, ‘Moment in Time’ roses are just 50cm tall. This compact variety is a prolific bloomer and gives your garden plenty of bright red flowers from summer through fall.




A dwarf Floribunda variety, ‘Trumpeter’ roses are known for their compact size and low-maintenance nature. These roses measure 6cm across and have Crayola-red petals. Because of their moderate water and sunlight needs, ‘Trumpeter’ rose bushes can be easily squeezed into a balcony garden or any small yard space. 



Violet Floribundas 


‘Angel Face’

With divine-looking lavender petals and a heady citrus perfume, ‘Angel Face’ roses are one of the most popular Floribunda roses in Australia. Each blossom of this rose variety comes tightly packed with 25-30 petals that bloom from late spring until frost.



‘Blueberry Hill’

Just take one look at ‘Blueberry Hill’ Floribundas and you’ll be reminded of blueberry pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning. These chirpy-looking roses have lilac blooms that emit a sweet apple fragrance. With a good height of 1.2-1.5m and a disease-resistant nature, they’re easy to care for in any garden.



‘Burgundy Ice’

‘Burgundy Ice’ roses are prized for the unique colour of their flowers. These roses’ blooms come in a striking shade of violet that complements their sea green foliage perfectly. Aside from these dazzling attributes, ‘Burgundy Ice’ roses are famous for their lovely perfume. Your garden will smell heavenly during their blooming season, which runs from June to October. 

A fully grown ‘Burgundy Ice’ rose bush can grow between 1.2-1.5m in height when planted under full sun. With proper pruning (we recommend doing it in late March), you’ll be able to keep your shrub’s shape in check. Read our article for more pro tips on how to prune Floribunda roses and other rose varieties.



‘Claire Marshall’

If you’re looking for unapologetic colour, ‘Claire Marshall’ roses are a strong contender for the mauve-orchid hue. These perfumed repeat bloomers have tightly packed blossoms that look good in any cut floral arrangement or bouquet. At 60cm in height, these compact rose bushes are relatively small compared to other Floribunda varieties.



‘Ebb Tide’

Blessed with the designated colour of royalty, the ‘Ebb Tide’ rose is simply bewitching. These rose bushes bear large blue-violet blooms that give off a unique clove and citrus scent. Each flower contains 35 petals and measures at least 10cm across. To grow this phenomenal variety in your garden, make sure that they are positioned under full sun and are planted in enriched soil. ‘Ebb Tide’ roses are known to be hardy, but warmer climates really bring out their best potential.



‘Rhapsody in Blue’

Be enraptured with flowers from the ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ rose variety. These mesmerising roses boast of blue-violet blossoms, bright-green foliage, and a sizable height of 1.8-2.1m. Plant these roses under full sun to bring out their blooms’ rich amethyst colour.



White Floribundas 



As cool as ice and as white as snow, ‘Iceberg’ roses are the Grace Kelly among the Floribundas. These willowy beauties can reach a height of up to 3.5m and effortlessly beautify any trellis or pergola. You can also prune them to maintain a shrub-like form – these roses are practically thornless and won’t give you any trouble when you’re trimming. Go a step further and shape these disease-resistant roses into topiaries. The ‘Iceberg’ variety makes for great Floribunda standard roses because of its profuse flowering and vigorous growth.



‘French Lace’

With delicate flowers the colour of ivory, ‘French Lace’ roses are sure to complement any garden landscape. This disease-resistant variety can grow up to 0.9m in height and has a light scent.



‘York Minster’

‘York Minster’ roses have vanilla-coloured flowers that emit a sweet scent. Deadheading is required for this variety to encourage repeat flowering during its blooming season, which occurs from summer through fall. A rose bush of this variety can measure up to 1m in height.



Yellow Floribundas


‘Amber Queen’

‘Amber Queen’ roses got their name from their golden yellow flowers that come with a spicy-sweet perfume. With a height of 60cm, these rose bushes are fairly short compared to other Floribunda varieties.



‘Gold Spice’

Even small roses can be used for hedging. Compact varieties like the ‘Gold Spice’ are a lovely addition to pocket gardens, where they can be grown as border hedges or planted in large pots. A ‘Gold Spice’ rose bush can reach up to 80cm tall. These roses have silky butter-coloured petals and form a bushy growing habit.



‘Julia Child’

There’s no mistaking how well-deserved this rose’s name is. Buttery yellow flowers as sunny as the culinary maven’s personality adorn compact olive-green bushes. Just like their namesake, ‘Julia Child’ roses are no shrinking violet – their flowers enjoy a long bloom time and their sun-loving shrubs are known for their excellent disease-resistant nature. 



‘Monkey Business’

As you might have guessed, not all Floribunda roses are named after luminaries! ‘Monkey Business’ is a mischievous spin on the banana yellow blooms of this rose variety. With densely packed petals and a firm form, ‘Monkey Business’ can certainly compete with the best rose varieties out there. Plant these popular roses in enriched soil and give them plenty of sunlight and moisture to keep them healthy.




Imagine a jolly little kid who loves spreading joy to everyone around. That’s your ‘Sunsprite’ rose right there. With summery yellow flowers that give off a distinctly sweet fragrance, this variety will light up any gloomy space in your garden. ‘Sunsprite’ rose bushes are bushy in appearance, and are known for their resistance to rose disease.




Tightly packed with luminous yellow flowers, ‘Togmeister’ roses will enliven any garden. This compact variety measures up to 75cm in height and comes with a lovely fragrance.



Multicoloured Floribundas 


‘Betty Boop’

A garden showstopper, ‘Betty Boop’ roses produce sultry bi-coloured flowers with a honey yellow center and vivid crimson tips. This variety is popular among gardeners because of its hardy nature and vigorous growth habit. ‘Betty Boop’ rose bushes are known to grow up to 1.5m in height when given proper care. Keep these beautiful Floribundas happy by planting them in humus-rich soil and giving them plenty of sunlight.



‘Candy Cane Cocktail’

‘Candy Cane Cocktail’ roses have delectable-looking cupped blooms that showcase a gradation of cream to bright pink. The flowers of this rose variety are densely packed with 42 petals per blossom, which measures at least 7cm across. The flowering season for ‘Candy Cane Cocktail’ rose bushes runs from late spring to fall. These roses should not be confused with ‘Scentimental’ Floribundas, which exhibit candy cane stripes on their petals.



‘Celebration Time’

‘Celebration Time’ roses are famous for their coral and deep pink flowers that are tinged with lavender. These roses come in clusters of 8-10 blossoms and are endowed with a light perfume. A healthy ‘Celebration Time’ rose bush can reach up to 1.2m in height under proper growth conditions.



‘Cinco de Mayo’

Another cheerful-looking rose variety, ‘Cinco de Mayo’ roses are breathtakingly beautiful with their lavender and rouge flowers. Their blooms have a subtle fragrance and a ruffled appearance that is evocative of a flamenco dancer’s skirt. This eye-catching rose variety is famous for its apple-like perfume.




Like the ‘Scentimental’ Floribundas, ‘Durrell’ rose blooms have striped petals. This rose variety’s choice of colour palette is red and pink, and has a similar candy cane design as ‘Scentimental’ roses. ‘Durrell’ rose bushes can grow up to 1m in height.



Ketchup and Mustard’

A visual treat that looks good enough to eat, the ‘Ketchup and Mustard’ rose variety features bright red and yellow flowers that span 8cm across. Each tightly packed blossom contains 28 petals and has a faint apple-like scent. All through late spring until fall, your rose bushes will bloom clusters of flowers abundantly. And if that’s not striking enough, imagine these brightly-coloured flowers set against glossy, deep green foliage. This is one rose variety that will bring a lot of joy to your garden.



‘Mardi Gras’

There’s never a dull moment when ‘Mardi Gras’ roses are around. This rose variety will make sure that you’ll have plenty of large festive-looking flowers to adore from late spring to late fall. It’s a nonstop kaleidoscope of sunset-coloured blossoms during these seasons. You can prune ‘Mardi Gras’ rose bushes to look like a hedge. Better yet, get a professional trimming done on your rose bushes to really spruce up your garden. Before you know it, your yard will have 1-1.2m tall shrubs that gleam brilliant colours of coral, wine, peach, and yellow. It’s a party everyday when you have these roses in your garden.




Cheeky as their name is, ‘Scentimental’ roses have equally playful-looking petals.  ‘Scentimental’ blooms are known for their large size (a flower can reach up to 10cm in width) and red-and-white streaks reminiscent of peppermint candy.  This variety will give your garden a sweet fragrance and nice shrubbery that can reach up to 1.5m in height.



‘Summer Fashion’

Light, airy, and fun – this is the vibe you’ll get when you grow roses from the ‘Summer Fashion’ variety. ‘Summer Fashion’ roses produce large fragrant blooms with stylish bright pink and lemon yellow petals. Cut flowers from these repeat bloomers are the perfect pick-me-up for your garden on a dreary day. 

This summer child doesn’t like sharing the limelight: avoid growing it in soil that has been previously planted with other roses. Position your rose bush under full sun to see it reach its fullest potential. A healthy ‘Summer Fashion’ rose can measure up to a height of 1.2m, making them ideal plants for hedging.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.