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In the land of roses and rose-wannabes, the Hybrid Tea Rose reigns supreme.


What is a Hybrid Tea rose?

The Hybrid Tea rose is considered the queen among the roses. This variety carries the best characteristics of its parent varieties: the Hybrid Perpetual rose and old-fashioned Tea rose. What this means is you get a rose that is beautiful to behold and easy to maintain as well. Hybrid Teas are one of the ancestors of another famous rose variety, Floribunda roses.



How do you identify a Hybrid Tea rose?

When it comes to form, the Hybrid Tea rose is the clear standout among the different rose varieties. You’ll easily recognise it by its long elegant stem and perfectly shaped rosebud. A Hybrid Tea flower can reach a width of 8-12.5cm and contain up to 60 petals. Unlike other roses that produce clusters of flowers, the Hybrid Tea rose has only one blossom per stem. When it blooms, the petals slowly open to reveal the pointed bud underneath (if that isn’t romantic, I don’t know what is).

The Hybrid Tea rose is a deciduous plant that has an open, less bushy appearance and a singular flower per cane. Its delicate fragrance makes it a welcome addition to any bouquet or cut floral arrangement. 

With such a regal and captivating profile, it is not surprising that the Hybrid Tea is the rose to give on Valentine’s Day. (Thinking of giving someone a bouquet of Hybrid Tea roses for a special occasion? Our article on rose colours and their meanings will help you send the right message.)



Hybrid Tea rose names

Hybrid Tea roses come in a wide spectrum of colours. Depending on the variety, you can get lavender, peach, pink, red, yellow, white, or even orange. Take a look at some of these gorgeous Hybrid Tea roses with equally swoon-worthy names:



‘Black Magic’

The ‘Black Magic’ rose’s name says it all. Thick, blood-red petals give these roses an air of mystique and splendour. Use them in a bouquet or cut floral arrangement to make a powerful statement. These roses won’t disappoint. You’ll feel confident about arranging them in a vase – they don’t wither as fast as other roses, either. Any garden that needs a privacy screen will also benefit greatly from ‘Black Magic’ hedges, as they’re resilient and have the right height at 1.2-1.8m.



‘Chicago Peace’

Think of dainty roses and the ‘Chicago Peace’ variety comes to mind. These plants have beautiful pink and yellow flowers that come tightly packed with petals. Because of its petal density, each bloom can measure up to 15cm across. This vigorous Hybrid Tea variety is fairly hardy and can withstand high and low temperatures. A ‘Chicago Peace’ plant can grow up 1.8m height.



‘Christian Dior’

‘Christian Dior’ roses are as sophisticated and timeless as their namesake. With their iconic lipstick red hue and light spicy perfume, they are impossible to miss. These French roses have blooms that can contain as many as 50 petals per flower. A ‘Christian Dior’ plant can reach up to 1.2m, just the right height for a medium-sized garden.



‘Diana, Princess of Wales’

This demure-looking rose is sure to capture anyone’s heart with velvety petals that display an ivory-and-pink ombre effect. As strong as the icon for which it was named, the ‘Diana, Princess of Wales’ rose is resilient to disease and grows vigorously. Its long-stemmed constitution makes it a wonderful choice for cut floral arrangements.



‘Double Delight’

The ‘Double Delight’ rose is all about spunk and eye-popping colour. This popular American Hybrid Tea variety is known for its strong fragrance and flowers that have striking cream and pink petals. Under strong sunlight, the pink tips of the flowers become more pronounced. This bundle of energy grows vigorously under full sun up to a height of 1.5m.



‘Etoile de Lyon’

‘Etoile de Lyon’ roses are the golden retrievers of the Hybrid Tea rose family. They have sunny-looking yellow blooms that can brighten any room. Enjoy them especially in spring. During this season, these roses have curled petals that give them a playful appearance. ‘Etoile de Lyon’ roses are a trooper when it comes to flowering as well. You’ll find that these repeat bloomers will give you plenty of blossoms all through summer.




‘Forty-Niners’ are disease-resistant roses that have dark green foliage and a light fragrance. While a ‘Forty-Niner’ rose bush isn’t as tall as other Hybrid Tea rose varieties – your plant can grow between 0.6-1.2m tall – it still packs a visual punch. These roses have brightly coloured flowers that come in eye-popping ombre red or pink hues. 



‘Fragrant Cloud’

The ‘Fragrant Cloud’ rose is prized for its strong perfume and large coral-red blooms that can reach up to 12cm across.  This popular Hybrid Tea variety can reach up to 1.5m in height.



‘Fragrant Plum’

‘Fragrant Plum’ roses are named such because of their lavender flowers and plum-like scent. A typical ‘Fragrant Plum’ can reach up to 1.8m tall.



‘Helmut Schmidt’

Two words come to mind when describing the ‘Helmut Schmidt’ rose: rich butter. ‘Helmut Schmidt’ roses are charming with their velvety yellow blooms positioned on upright stems. These rose bushes stand at 1.5m tall and can brighten any garden with a burst of golden colour.



‘Henry Fonda’

Like ‘Helmut Schmidt’ roses, the ‘Henry Fonda’ variety has delightful deep yellow flowers and dark green leaves. These roses are a joy to have in your garden because they are disease-resistant and grow vigorously.



‘Home and Family’

In the world of roses, the ‘Home and Family’ variety stands out in its simplicity. ‘Home and Family’ roses are the perfect choice if you’re looking to build a relaxing garden getaway – their dark green leaves and ivory flowers atop long stems are as elegant as they are understated. ‘Home and Family’ rose blooms also have a unique licorice perfume that you’ll surely delight in. Pruning isn’t troublesome with this variety, either, as ‘Home and Family’ rose bushes are considered to have a low thorn density.



‘Just Joey’

‘Just Joey’ roses are famous for their huge peach-coloured blooms that can reach 17cm across. Their fragrant flowers have a beautiful heavily-petaled shape that can stay in full bloom for many days. With a height of 1.5m, a ‘Just Joey’ rose bush is just right for a standard-sized garden.




Florists and gardeners love ‘Kardinal’ roses for their robust, well-formed flowers and vigorous growth. Imagine these climbing roses perched gracefully on a pergola, trellis, or fence. Their showstopping scarlet colour and light fragrance are simply phenomenal. Train ‘Kardinals’ by tying them to a structural support and pruning accordingly.



‘Marilyn Monroe’

‘Marilyn Monroe’s are delicate apricot-coloured roses with an impeccable rosebud shape. They are also known for their resilient vase life, which makes them a favourite for cut floral arrangements. 



‘Mister Lincoln’

With heavily scented crimson double blooms atop firm stems, ‘Mister Lincoln’ roses have set the bar high for other red rose varieties. And they’re not just gorgeous when given as a gift. These roses are equally dazzling when planted in a garden, especially when pruned as standard roses. A regular trimming is all you need to keep your ‘Mister Lincoln’ topiaries and hedges well-maintained. 




‘Peace’ roses are among the most popular – and beautiful – Hybrid Teas in the world. The flowers of this variety look like glowing yellow embers with tips dipped in candy pink watercolour. The dark green leaves are the perfect contrast to this rose’s pastel blooms. These living art pieces are vigorous growers and can grow up to 1.5m in height.



‘Perfect Moment’

‘Perfect Moment’ roses are the perfect way to commemorate special occasions. With golden yellow blooms adorned with scarlet tips, this disease-resistant variety is a showstopper in any garden. You won’t need to worry about space as your ‘Perfect Moment’ rose bushes are compact and only reach 1.2m in height.



‘Pink Promise’

‘Pink Promise’ roses have dainty light pink and white flowers that give off a fruity scent. This disease-resistant rose prefers warm, dry climates. When given proper care, a ‘Pink Promise’ rose bush can reach up to 1.5m in height. 



‘Rio Samba’

One of the most festive-looking roses around, ‘Rio Samba’ showcases fiery sunset-coloured blooms. These roses’ petals come in a gradient of gold, orange, and crimson and are lightly scented. Standing at 1.2-1.8m and bearing glossy foliage, ‘Rio Samba’ roses are the lustrous flowering plants your garden needs.




With an intense perfume that’s hard to miss, the popularity of this Hybrid Tea rose variety is an open ‘Secret’ among garden owners. Show off the fragrant pink blooms of your ‘Secret’ rose shrubs by positioning them near doorways and entrances. 




Whether you get peach or pink blooms from this variety, one thing’s for sure: ‘Tiffany’ roses are eye-catching. At 1.2m in height, they’re relatively shorter than other Hybrid Tea roses, but their beautiful pastel blooms more than make up for their petite structure.



How to grow Hybrid Tea roses

Rose growers love Hybrid Tea roses for their dazzling beauty and ease of maintenance. These quick-growing plants can reach their full height of 1-2.5m in 3-4 years, depending on the variety. Here are easy steps to grow Hybrid Tea roses in your garden.



Position under full sun

Hybrid Tea roses and other rose varieties thrive in full sun. When given ample sunlight, Hybrid Teas bear bright, colourful blooms and become more resistant to disease.



Plant in slightly acidic soil

Enriched slightly acidic soil makes for a conducive environment when growing Hybrid Tea roses. Make sure to plant your roses in soil with a pH of 6 to 6.5 for optimal growth. For more rose care tips, read our article on how to grow healthy rose bushes in your garden.




Cool the planting soil temperature by adding a 7-10cm layer of mulch. This method also helps the roses conserve moisture. 



Water deeply

A weekly watering of 2.5-5cm of water is recommended, depending on the climate in your area. Make sure that the roots of your roses receive enough moisture without getting soaked. If you’re unsure about your plant’s moisture needs, here’s a good metric to follow: water your roses when 7.5cm of the soil has gone dry. Take care not to water the rose leaves, as this can lead to black spot and other rose diseases.



Feed with fertiliser

Because Hybrid Tea roses are repeat bloomers, they’ll need all the nutrients they can get. Start fertilising in early spring to boost new growth, then continue the treatment each week or fortnightly, depending on the fertiliser you’re using. A balanced fertiliser or rose-specific fertiliser will give your Hybrid Tea rose the best growing potential. You can stop feeding your roses 6 weeks prior to the arrival of the first frost.

For brightly coloured blooms, fertilise your soil once or twice a year with a ¼-½ cup of Epsom salt. Epsom salt is a form of magnesium, and can enrich your planting soil if it is nutrient-deficient. There’s no need to do this step if your soil is rich in magnesium, however.




Hybrid Tea roses aren’t particularly needy when it comes to pruning. They do, however, benefit from a regular trim to encourage proper air circulation. Prune before new growth appears, which is in early spring. 

Using sanitised gardening tools, start by cutting off old, diseased, or damaged plant parts. Remove ⅓ of the cane’s length to encourage robust stem and flower growth. When pruning, make sure to cut at a 45-degree angle. Take care to leave some foliage on the stems as well, as leaves aid in photosynthesis. Read our article on how to prune roses for more information on proper rose bush maintenance.

About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.