When is the last time you visited BoysTown prize homes? While there, you must have felt impressed by the masterpiece of a home that you saw. The lawns and gardens surely left you amazed too. The homes and gardens are all impressive. The fact that the homes – at least some of them – cost more than $1 million is also quite notable. Any architecturally designed home you see here has marvelous, stunning and beautiful lawns.

Below is a list of the 5 awesome lawns from BoysTown prize homes.


  • 94 Vise Road, Buderim


If you were declared the winner of this prize home, one of your first tasks would be to retain the lawns in the awesome state they are in right now. The lawns are well maintained. The only troubling aspect of these lawns is its size. Yes, it appears too small to accommodate all the gardening supplies needed to keep it in excellent shape. Nonetheless, its beauty and allure will leave you drooling and wondering how lucky you are to have won this prize home.


  • 7 Kirkwood Place, Reedy Creek


There is no doubt that this is one of the most gorgeous prize homes in the area. The entire property is valued at $1.4 million. The first class home has a lot of impressive features. One of these is the flawless, awesome green lawns. You will be justified in your decision to spend more time gazing outside the windows and into the impeccably maintained lawns. The lawns are quit stunning that you’re likely to hire a reliable mowing professional to take care of it.

  • 4 Lita Court, Tallebudgera


The BoysTown prize homes don’t get better than this one. The winner moved into the property in 2013. The outlook will leave you yearning to spend more time in the gardens. The lawns are ever green. They are well maintained. Indeed, the maintenance work done here makes the lawns worthy of such a home. There’s no doubt that the lawns have played a huge role in increasing the value of this property significantly.


  • 2/40 George Street, Alexandra


The one-of-a-kind prize home will leave everybody who visits the property visibly stunned at its beauty. As gorgeous as the home is, it would be nothing without the surrounding beautiful lawns. The fact that the property is only a stone throw away from the surrounding Sunshine Coast beaches makes it mandatory for you to maintain the lawns well. The lawns give you an idea of what the saying ‘a little paradise on earth’ means.


  • 23 Monica Street, Burwood


The lawns on this home truly announce to the entire world your newly acquired status as a millionaire. The lawns accentuate the beauty and all the other attractions of this stunning piece of property. The lawns are a perfect introduction, or conclusion, to the property’s contemporary design and open plan living. The outdoor deck ensures that the lawns leave a permanent mark on your memory.

BoysTown prize homes are worth it. The public company that conducts the draws has changed the lives of many Australians over the years through its famous lotteries. The not-for-profit firm has conducted these lotteries since 1961. Therefore, take part in the lotteries for an opportunity to be the proud owner of a prize home that boasts of excellent lawns and gardens, which are perfect for the stunning houses.

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