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How wonderful would it be to stand at the edge of a lush field of lavender stretching out as far as the eye can see, and breathe in that heavenly scent? These plants have so many uses, which is why their gorgeous purple flowers are found in so many fields and gardens.

If you want a picturesque view — and maybe to buy some lavender products for home — there are many, many lavender fields across Australia. Tasmania and NSW are prime locations, but there are farms in other states as well. Many are open year round, but the best time to visit a lavender farm is in peak lavender season: summer.

Want to know which lavender farm to visit so you can get the perfect picture? Here are some of Australia’s best lavender farms to visit (at any time of year).



When To Visit A Lavender Farm In Australia

Many lavender farms are open year round, but the best time to visit is in lavender season — December and January. At this time, lavender is in full and gorgeous bloom. Brighten up your summer even further with breathtaking purple and make a lavender farm one of your holiday destinations for the year.



Australia’s Best Lavender Farms



Tasmania is one of Australia’s best places to be in the flowering season, with acres of lavender farms available to explore.


Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Bridestowe is one of the most famous farms. It’s less than an hour’s drive from Launceston, and is the largest lavender farm in the southern hemisphere. Run your fingers through rows and rows of lavender when you visit, or take a tour and see how they extract the oil from the plants. They also have a café that serves lavender-inspired delicacies — even ice cream!


Port Arthur Lavender

If you’re on the Tasman Peninsula, Port Arthur Lavender is an hour from Hobart. Fall in love with all seven hectares of this quaint, beautiful lavender farm. Visitors can stroll down their lavender trails, buy lavender products, or try the food at their lavender café — you’ll be spoiled for choice.


Lavender House — The Perfumery

Lavender House — The Perfumery

Located in Rowella, Lavender House is Tasmania’s only working perfumery. Visitors can watch the makers at work through the observation window, then purchase from its extensive range of products afterwards. Plus, you’ve got a long time to visit — Lavender House’s seventy varieties of lavender flower individually from September to May.



New South Wales

No need to take a cross-country trip just to see a lavender farm — there are flower fields right here in NSW!


Herbicos Lavender Farm

With fields of lavender, a playground, and even a spa, Herbicos offers all sorts of experiences. The 25 hectares of purple blooms are located in Picton, NSW. This local skincare brand is known for some of the most nourishing products in Australia. BTW — they have roses, too!


Rustique Lavender Farm

Just half an hour from Wagga Wagga, Rustique makes for a perfect, rustic outing in the summer. The farm grows both lavender and heritage roses, which they turn into handmade products. Keep an eye out when you visit — you might meet a friendly alpaca or two!


Crystal Brook Gardens & Lavender Farm

Crystal Brook Gardens & Lavender Farm

Describing itself as a ‘special little place’, Crystal Brook is anything but little, yet it’s definitely special. You can book it for events, or simply drop by in December and January to take in the view. There’s also a ‘winter garden’ season, with tea in the open air while visitors enjoy the gardens.




The subtropical climate is excellent for lavender, and there’s a great farm close to the NSW border!


Kooroomba Lavender Farm

Kooroomba Lavender Farm

Growing up to six types of lavender (including French, which flowers almost all throughout the year!), Kooroomba has some of the best conditions to grow lavender in QLD. There’s a light, relaxing fragrance in the air, and always something to buy at the end of your visit. The farm is perfect for events, too (especially weddings), and also boasts an art studio and gallery for local artists in the Scenic Rim region.



Western Australia

Even out west, you can find a lavender farm to visit for some lilac in your life.


Nannup Lavender Farm


Tea at a lavender farm is a dream, and Nannup does not disappoint. Their Secret Garden tearooms offer morning and afternoon tea — make sure to try the scones. Then there’s the farm shop with handmade products and different preserves. Plus, you can cut a handful of lavender to bring home with you when you leave!




Not to be outdone, Victoria has some of the most popular farms to visit down under.


Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm

This lavender farm is just ten minutes from Daylesford, on the gorgeous farmlands of Shepherds Flat. At the heart of the farm is La Trattoria Bar & Eatery, where you can try lavender scones or even jam. And of course, don’t forget to buy some of their handcrafted aromatherapy products before you leave!


Warratina Lavender Farm

Warrantina Lavender Farm

Just outside of the Melbourne CBD is one of Australia’s most visited lavender farms, with over 10,000 lavender plants. Warratina is the destination for a day trip — or any trip. Stop by their Tea Room to try all sorts of treats, or shop some of their lavender products. Warratina’s lavender is harvested by hand and then dried for use in a whole range of items.



South Australia

Visiting the south? Yep — there are lavender farms here too!


Lyndoch Lavender Farm

Lyndoch Lavender Farm & Cafe

This multi-award winning farm and café has been providing beautiful views for almost three decades. They offer an impressive range of lavender products alongside the opportunity to explore their lavender landscape. When you’ve wandered to your heart’s content, stop by The Lavender Kitchen for all manner of tasty delights.



Growing Lavender In Your Garden

You, too, can have lavender in your garden — not year round, of course, but you’ll still get flowers during the season. And lavender has many uses besides adding a pop of colour to your yard, so it’s practical, too!


Planting lavender

Two of the simplest ways to plant lavender are to grow it from seed or to propagate lavender from cuttings. Growing lavender from seed is simple — just germinate them in a seed tray or pot, then transplant into a bigger pot or into your garden. Meanwhile, propagating involves cutting a few stems and setting them in pots.



Caring for lavender

Lavender plants need regular watering while they’re establishing, but once your lavender is mature, the plants are very drought tolerant. Mulch helps retain moisture when layered around the base.

Pruning lavender is extremely important to maintaining the health of your plant. It encourages flowering, and prevents it from developing woody growths. If you’re unsure of pruning, you can have a professional trimming service to prune your lavender (and the rest of your plants, too!).



Uses for lavender

Lavender adds gorgeous colour to your gardens when flowering, but it’s useful too! You can dry lavender and use it in potpourris, essential oils, personal care products, and even cooking! We won’t blame you for wanting to grow your own plants after visiting a lavender farm — after all, lavender is just sup-herb.


Photo Credits: Lavender House – The Perfumery Facebook page, Crystal Brook Gardens & Lavender Farm, Kooroomba Lavender Farm Facebook page, Nannup Lavender Farm Facebook Page, Lyndoch Lavender Farm Facebook Page, Warratina Lavender Farm Facebook Page

About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.


About Author

Jamie Donovan

Jamie is an Australian horticulturalist and landscape designer. He enjoys writing about landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle topics.