Why Should I Book A Recurring Lawn Mowing Service?

While DIY lawn care is common, it’s safe to say that those who let a professional handle such chores enjoy greater peace of mind and more free time.  

If you are one of those who DIY or hire a professional lawn mowing service only when something is awfully wrong with your lawn, here’s what you stand to gain by booking a recurring lawn mowing service. 

1. Avoid Accidental Damage

If you have a brown thumb that kills every plant in sight, you can still have a beautiful lawn and garden by booking recurring services from a professional gardener.

Choosing recurring services means the gardener will visit your property at scheduled intervals to provide needed lawn care services. That keeps you from making lawn care mistakes that can wreck your entire yard, like over- or under-watering or using too much fertiliser.

2. Boost Your Property’s Aesthetics And Value

A lawn requires constant care to look its best. Recurring lawn services ensure that your yard gets the attention it needs at the right time, guaranteeing that you never have to worry about periods of imperfection. Plus, keeping your lawn looking its best with professional recurring services can boost the real estate value of your home.

3. Less Physical Labour

Caring for your lawn is not a day’s job, especially if you want it to look perfect every day. Aside from the stress of the chore, you’ll often end up with sunburn and sore muscles. With a recurring lawn mowing service, you can skip the tedium and enjoy the convenience of someone else taking care of your gardening.

And with a professional doing the job, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always get great results.

4. Save Money

You may think that DIY lawn care saves money, but it doesn’t save as much as you might think. When you consider how much you spend on buying and maintaining a lawn mower and other equipment, and buying fertiliser, and more, you’ll realise that DIY is also expensive. The cost goes even higher when you calculate the hours spent in the garden that you could have spent on something more profitable.

Hiring a professional saves you money because they already have all the gardening equipment needed. You can enjoy even greater cost benefits by choosing recurring lawn mowing services.

For example, Lawn.com.au offers discounts depending on how often you book recurring lawn services: 5% off for every 8 weeks, 7.5% off for every 3-4 weeks, 10% off for every 2 weeks, and 15% off for every week.

You also save money because putting your lawn in the care of a professional avoids serious mishaps and ensures that you never have to shell out a huge sum to repair your lawn.

5. Landscape Preservation

Unless you were a lawn expert in your past life, taking care of your lawn yourself is going to involve a lot of guesswork. Some of that guesswork can lead to doing more harm than good to your landscape. But an expert will know how to space your plants, how often to water, how to aerate the soil, how and when to prune, and much more to preserve the beauty of your landscape.

For a professional lawn mowing company that can deliver all of the above benefits and more, give us a call today.

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